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How To Play War (Card Game)

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hello and welcome to how to play war

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this video will cover all the aspects to

the card game war war is played with two

players war is played with a standard

52-card deck each player is dealt 26

cards players do not look at their cards

and they remain facedown in a pile

the top card of each player's pile is

flipped over the player with the higher

card wins both cards the cards are

ranked with ace being the highest and

two being the lowest the cards won are

put on the bottom of the winning players

pile when cards with matching rank are

flipped over together it is a war each

player plays three cards facedown and

another card face-up the player with the

highest card face-up wins all ten cards

when a player wins all 52 cards he wins

the game if during a war the last

fliptop cards match again the process is

repeated this continues until one player

wins the war and takes all the cards if

a player does not have enough cards to

finish a war that player loses the game

that wraps up how to play war thanks for