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How To Play Thirteen

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hello and welcome to how to play 13

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this video will cover how to play the

card game 13 the video will start with

the general concepts and gameplay and

then get into more of the details for

the game the video will conclude with an

example round 13 is played with four

players 13 is played with a standard

52-card deck each player is dealt 13

cards one card at a time the objective

of the game is to be the first player to

play all his cards into the middle cards

can be played into the middle as a

single card a pair a three of a kind a

four of a kind a sequence of three or

more cards or a double sequence of three

or more cards cards can be in any suit

for a sequence going back to the hand

that was dealt earlier I have flipped up

each player's cards for you to see in an

actual game you will keep your cards

hidden from the other players the first

round of the game is started by the

player with the three of spades the

three of spades has to be a part of the

first play whether it is by itself or in

a combination player one plays the three

of spades play moves left to player to

the next play has to match the

combination type and be of higher value

than the previous play the card values

are ranked with two being the highest

and three being the lowest the suits are

also ranked with hearts being the

highest than diamonds clubs and spades

since the three of spades was played by

itself player two can only play a single

card player 2 plays the 7 of spades to

beat the three of spades

they moves to player 3 who plays the 7

of diamonds this is higher than the 7 of

spades because the diamond suit is

higher than the Spade suit playing

continues clockwise with players playing

a higher valued card than previously

played player 2 plays the 2 of diamonds

player 3 and player 4 do not have a

higher card to beat it and both will

pass player 1 has the 2 of hearts to

beat the 2 of diamonds but doesn't want

to play it yet and also passes with

every other player passing the cards are


and player 2 gets to start the next card

combination player 2 plays a sequence of

3 4 5 now only sequences of three can be

played in this turn player 3 plays a

sequence of 3 4 5 as well

when sequences are played with the same

ranking cards the suit of the last card

in the sequence determines its value the

5 of Hearts in player threes sequence is

higher than the 5 of clubs in player 2

sequence player 4 will beat the sequence

with a 5 6 7 skipping ahead to the end

of a round player 3 plays his last card

to go out all other players are forced

to pass as they cannot beat the 2 of

clubs because player 3 is out player 4

will play the next combination play

continues until there's only one player

left with cards only the same type of

combinations can be played on top of

each other for example a sequence of 4

cannot be played on top of a sequence of

3 the 2's

cannot be included in any sequence the 4

of a kind and the double sequences are

known as bombs bombs can be played on

top of the twos a 4 of a kind or the

double sequence of 3 or more can be

played on top of a single to a double

sequence of 4 or more can be played on

top of two 2's a double sequence of 5 or

more can be played on top of three 2's a

higher bomb of the same type of

combination can be played on top of a

previously played bomb if a player is

dealt four 2's or a sequence of three

two A's that player instantly wins that

game if a player passes during a

combination that player is not able to

play again until the cards are cleared

and a new combination is started if

multiple games are being played the

winner of the previous game starts the

next game it is no longer the three of

spades that starts a scoring system can

be put into place where the first player

to get rid of these cards is awarded

three points the second player out gets

two points and the third player out gets

one point the game can be

played to an agreed upon amount the game

begins with each player being dealt 13

cards one card at a time

player 2 begins the game by playing the

three of spades play moves clockwise

with players playing higher ranking

single cards play returns to player 2

who plays the two of Hearts player three

is able to play a double sequence bomb

on top of this single to no other player

can beat the bomb and the cards are

cleared player 3 begins the next turn

with a sequence of four player four and

player one pass player 2 plays a

higher-ranking sequence of four and

player three has to pass the cards are

cleared player two starts the next turn

with three fours player 3 and player

four pass player one beats the three

fours with three 7s player two passes

and the cards are cleared the rest of

the round goes as follows




that wraps up how to play 13 as with

most games you will get better with

practice so don't be discouraged if it

takes you a few games to catch on thanks

for watching