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How To Play Speed (card game)

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hello and welcome to how to play the

card game speed


this video will go over the general

setup and gameplay for the card game

speed and then we'll get into more

details of the game the video will

finish with an example game speed is a

two-player game with players sitting

across from each other to play speed you

will need a normal 52 card deck each

player is dealt a total of 20 cards in

two piles one pile has five cards the

other pile will have 15 cards this will

leave 12 cards remaining these remaining

cards are set up between the players in

a row starting with five cards then one

card one card five cards

the object of the game is to be the

first player to get rid of all twenty

cards that were dealt to you during

gameplay cards that are one number

higher or one number lower are played on

top of each other

notice that the ace links the two and

King together

each player will pick up the five card

pile to begin play with in this example

the cards are flipped up so you can see

in an actual game you will keep the

cards hidden from the other player the

game starts with each player flipping up

one of the middle to single cards

players then begin to play cards that

are one number higher or one number

lower than the cards showing in the

middle players put cards into the middle

as fast as they can and do not have to

wait for the other player to play once a

card is played into the middle the

player will pick up another card from

his pile of 15 and put it in his hand

when a player plays his last card he

shouts out speed and is the winner of

the game

a player can have no more than 5 cards

in his hand at once only one card can be

played at a time into the middle if both

players are stuck and cannot play a card

each player flips up a card from the

outside middle piles if all the cards

from the outside middle piles are used

and both players get stuck again the

inside metal piles are shuffled and

divided into two piles these two piles

are now used as the outside middle piles

here is an example of a game of speed

from deal to finish





speed that wraps up how to play the card

game speed thanks for watching