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How to play Spades

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spades also known as call bridge how to

play the object of this four player card

game is to be the first player to reach

500 points the object of each hand is to

win at least as many tricks as you bid

set up using a standard deck of playing

cards with aces high twos low and spades

trumping all each player is given a card

from a shuffled deck and whoever

receives the highest card becomes the

first dealer the dealer shuffles and the

player to their right cuts the deck the

dealer then deals thirteen cards one at

a time

clockwise to each player players look at

their own cards but keep them hidden

from their opponents after everyone

receives their cards bids are made a bid

refers to the player's expectation of

tricks they will make in the round

normally all players must make a minimum

of one bid a trick is given to the

player with the highest card in each

round after the bids are made the dealer

lays one card from their hand face-up in

the center of the table as a lead

continuing clockwise from the lead each

player places a card down matching the

same suit as the lead card if they do

not possess cards of the same suit they

may play any of their cards the card

with the highest rank in the suit that

was led wins the round

winning the trick spades are Trump and

always rank higher than any other suit

for example a three of spades beats a

King of Diamonds the winner of the trick

collects the cards facedown and puts

them to the side keeping each trick

separate then leads the next card this

process repeats until all the cards for

the hand are played at the end of the

hand points are awarded to players who

made their number of bids you receive 10

points for each trick made that you bid

and one bonus point for each trick made

over your initial bid

zero points are given to players who

fail to win the number of tricks they

bid if no player has 500 or more points

then the role of dealer rotates

clockwise by one and another hand is

dealt keep playing until someone has 500

or more points then they are the winner

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