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How To Play Golf Card Game (6 cards)

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hello and welcome to how to play the

card game golf


to play the card game golf you will need

a deck of cards including two jokers and

two to four players if you want to play

with more than four players you will

need a second deck of cards this video

will go over the general setup and

gameplay for the card game golf and then

we'll get into more details of the game

the video will finish with an example

round each player is dealt a total of

six cards the top card of the remaining

deck is flipped up and placed next to

the deck players do not look at their


each player's cards are set up in two

rows of three

the object of the game is to have the

lowest total points each playing card

has an assigned point value matching

cards in the same column results in zero

points and is the ideal goal during


the player left of the dealer begins

play by flipping up two of her cards the

player then has the option to switch one

of her cards with the top showing

discard or can draw the top card of the

deck if the top card of the deck is

drawn the player has the option to use

that card to switch with one of her own

or put it in the discard pile if a card

switch occurs the player places the

switched playing card into the discard

pile play then moves clockwise to play a

three player three will flip up two

cards note that flipping up two cards

only occurs on a player's first turn of

each round player three then has the

same option to use the top discard or

draw the top card of the deck because

player three wants to match her ten she

will choose to use the discarded ten now

jumping ahead to the end of a round when

a player has all her cards flipped up

her round is over the other players get

one more turn to switch a card after the

last turn any cards still not showing

are flipped up and the players score is

calculated using those cards

matching cards in a column equals zero

points the Joker's are worth negative

two points the Kings are worth zero

points the aces are worth 1 point the

twos through the tens are worth face

value for example the fives are worth

five points and the eights are worth

eight points the jacks and the queens

are worth 10 points

player 1 has 9 points from her 2 and 7

player 2 has 10 points 12 from the 8 and

4 but negative 2 from the Joker matched

with the King player 3 has 2 points from

the 2 matched with the King player 4 has

17 points the 2 and joker offset each

other after round 1 player 3 is winning

with the low score of 2 nine realms are

played and the player with the lowest

total score after the 9 rounds is the

winner when a hidden card is selected to

be switched the selected card must be

discarded every time

when the middle deck runs out of cards

and the round is still in progress the

discard pile is shuffled and is the new

deck to draw from when Joker's are

matched the result is negative four

points this example will show a round

played by player one the cards are dealt

and set up player one will flip over two

cards to start her turn and decides to

draw a card from the deck player one

does not want the ten and discards it

play returns to player one and she will

take the king that is worth zero points

and switch it with a hidden card turn

three player one draws in ace from the

deck and switches it with one of her

hidden cards

on turn four

player one draws a five from the deck

she decides to switch it with her six

although it is only one point better

it keeps player two from matching her

five on turn five player one draws a two

from the deck and matches it to the two

she already has showing

on turn six player one draws a nine from

the deck and will put it in the discard

pile before player ones seventh turn

player four finishes her round by having

all her cards flipped up this is player

ones last turn player one draws a joker

from the deck and switches it for her

last hidden card

player1 ends the round with four total

points that wraps up how to play the

card game golf thanks for watching