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Dos Card Game Rules and Gameplay Demo

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hello I'm Jesse Mack and this is the

card game dos it is Mattel's follow up -

oh no and I figure it's going to be in a

lot of homes just because of the

curiosity value of it being uno but - so

when I looked online the rules are very

confusing I looked online to try to get

a better explanation of them and I

didn't see roles that I felt adequately

explain how it feels I played a few mock

sessions and I think I have an idea of

how it goes so I'm going to show it to

you now each player starts with seven

cards I have two players in this

scenario you flip over two cards in the

center row and let's see what we have

here okay

each of these piles on each turn no

matter how many there are usually

there's two there can be more you can

match a single number to it like so and

the number card can be any number you

choose so in this case I'm going to make

it four and that will also match so that

gets rid of both of those flip over oh

that is a an unusual draw ok player 2

what do you have

let's see ok so we can't match any of

the twos with any of the actual numbers

but we can use the number signs to

represent twos and because the wilds can

be any color there are no color matches

in in dos it is all number matches so

I'm gonna make this a red - I'm gonna

make this a 2 I'm gonna make this red

I'm gonna make this a to make this green

so both of those are what they call a

color match but I didn't have in the

last turn when you match the color and

the number you remove them at the end of

the turn as usual you reset up to two

cards in the center if you didn't match

enough that it gets below 2 or if you

did match enough that it gets below 2

and then for each color match that you

did you can take one of your cards and

put it in the center so that's going to

be that turn right there alright no

drawing unless you can't make a match

alright I actually have two fives one of

them is a color match one of them is not

I can match the six as well

so I have a color match when you get

down to two cards you have to say DOS or

you draw two cards at the end of your

turn if anybody else calls it before you

do so DOS get rid of the three matches

one of them was a color match so have

one card replace one from there and

let's put the ten out because that's

going to be hard to match okay now the

other thing that you can do in this game

and I'm glad it came up is you can take

any two cards that add up to a single

number five and five equals ten and you

could play both of them down and so

because you have to play cards one at a

time play that DOS

play that one that will get rid of that

unfortunately I can't play the last card

so it's back over to this side I can't

play that one when you can't play a card

you draw a card from the top of the deck

and then you have the choice to if you

can play it if you can make a play you

can make a play if you don't want to

make a play you can take any one of your

cards and put it down as a third card

which opens things up strategically for

the opponent but in this case two and

one equals three I can play both of

these and first player as one let's do

another example see if I made make sure

that I got all of the the rules set up

properly I think I've got everything

though okay nine and eight in the center


I can do the nine match there's nothing

that I have that can add up to eight or

nine so that's what I'm going to do I'm

just going to match the nines

that's going to be my turn replace one

from the center play your two actually

has a lot more options it looks like

okay so I can match the 5 and the 3 for

the 8 I can use the number to be either

a 4 or an eight I can use the number and

any of these cards to make a full 8 I

can use the two's to make a double color

match as well so I think what I'm going

to do I have no idea if this is good

strategy or not going to play these two

on the 8 get rid of a lot of cards and

then crazy as it might be I'm going to

make both of these red and make a double

color match there so when you make a

double color match that your opponent

has to draw a card and both of these get

discarded because I made a color match

you refresh up the two and I can play

one of these down it is dangerous to

hold on to the number sign because at

the end of the game you get points based

on what is on the other person's hand

the number signs I believe are worth 40

the wilds are worth 20 and the numbers

are worth their numerical numerical

value so generally you want to get rid

of these but I don't think he can go out

yet so I'm taking a chance dose there

are some more options here so let's see

what we've got okay I can make a color

match there I can make them match the

tens I can actually match it to win a 1

here so all of these go away I made a

single color match so I can replace

these two here put any one of these down

DOS and we're back to this player and

this player can play a four and they can

play a number sign on any one thing and

they win so now each player has won one

and I wish I'd been paying better

attention to the score so that I could

have a score comparison but I did not

add up the points that the first player

got in this case player two would get

four points because that is the total

of the hands of every other player in

this case but one player so that is how

dosis played