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How to Play Cheat

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welcome the card game heaven calm


the players sitting to the left of the

dealer goes first the first player puts

down their aces in a file the middle of

the group facedown and calls out what

they have just played the next player

can put down the same value one above or

one below the previously played part if

a player doesn't have the 11 cards

they're still required to place at least

one card in the center pile other

players may call cheap at any time and

the current player must show the cards

they are trying to play if the accusing

player is right then the cheater must

pick up all of the cards in the pile and

take a drink

if the accusing player is wrong then the

accuser must pick up all the cards to

file and drink being is the gate of

cheeks all forms of cheating are

technically permissible such as hiding

cards or slipping in more than sharor

announcing however the same accusing

rule applies to those other areas the

flop if you're caught or blowing someone

who hasn't cheated you drink and take

all the parts the card game head