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How to play Golf: Card Games

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hello friends foes and other Watchers on

the internet my name is Matt and you're

watching hogwash gaming and today we are

going to be learning how to play golf

not bad golf the card game golf and just

to make things authentic I've got a hat

and I've got some clubs just like in the

sport golf the goal of the game is has

the least amount of points aces are

worth one twos are worth - two Kings are

worth zero and jokers if you're playing

with them are wild and three through

nine is face value and Jack Queen and

ten are ten at the beginning of each

round each player is dealt six cards

then the deck is put in the middle of

the table and a discard pile is started

the players then without looking at them

set their cards in a three by two

pattern in front of them at this point

they choose two cards to flip over the

concept of the game is quite simple what

you're trying to do is have the least

amount of points in front of you at the

end of the round you do this by trading

out large numbers for small numbers or

by making matches in the same column

which changes the value of both cards to

zero for example this first round I draw

a card it's a king now Kings are worth

zero so I want to replace the nine with

zero you also can choose to replace

cards that you haven't revealed yet so

this runs the risk of getting rid of

good cards that you don't want the other

player picking up to avoid this you may

choose instead of drawing to reveal one

of your cards by continues until

somebody has revealed all of the cards

and from them once that happens

everybody flips over their cards and

calculates how many points they have

left in this case I had four points my


that's nine then well so that's 21

points out after you record the point

shuffle up again and deal again it's

time for a new round and with nine


it gets pretty competitive for longer

games try eighteen rounds or more

players so that's the game call now I

think I should tell you that there are

many many variations of this game and I

chose the one that I learned first if

you play another way that's fine and if

you want to learn those other ways just

look it up on the web there are hundreds

of variations and I had to choose one so

until next time this is hogwash over