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HOW TO PLAY - CANTINA BAND from Star Wars (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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Oh guys this is a monster music and in

today's lesson I'm gonna teach you how

to play the super catchy awesome theme

from Star Wars cool Cantina band okay is

very jumpy very playful goes like this

so give you a preview of what you can

learn today's lesson goes like this


all right let's get right into it again

very jumpy very playful let's get right

into it

how many posture we break up into let me

see okay so I think we'll break it up

into about let's say four parts all

right so four parts

okay first part right hand will stunt a

here so middle ccr4 a reference we go up

to this a that's where we start on

circus a up to D back down to a I come

today and then ad a and then G sharp a

and an AG sharp a G F sharp G F sharp F

down to date okay they might seem a lot

of be a lot of notes but yeah it is

pretty fast so that's why it might seem

like there's a lot of notes but no

problem I think you can however let's go

let's do it again okay so it was like

this goes a.d a.d a.d a G sharp a a G

sharp a G F sharp G F sharp F that's d

like that just like that again like that

yeah so it is a bit fast

remember to get everything very smooth

like just stuff from a slow speed and

build your way up okay or else this

doesn't sound good if you just play like

just very fast and uneven and not to the

correct rhythm okay like that again

anyway that's right home for the first

part once you get back okay love Ted

firstly we're going to teach you the

block chords and later on I tell you

what you can do to make it jumpy apply

the pattern as what I did in the preview

okay so yeah first of all we have five

chords here in this first part the five

chords are D minor for three times so

Dean F name three of them so two three

fourth chord is C major which is C eg

and a fifth chord is F major which is

FAC yes so with these five courts and

minus 2 D minor three times and then C

major F major two hands together that

goes like this a and D minor together

sirs together hey and divide it up and

demands get up after GC made by itself

as an image go

just like that all right one more time

so goes like this Sklar

it's gonna

it's gonna yeah just like that right

like that all right

awesome stuff moving on out to the

second pot all right so the second part

continues like this I guess the right

hand continues is similar to the first

half of the first pots it goes a day a

day a B a g-sharp a and now changes goes

G G and then F sharp G up to say b-flat

a G like that one more time so guys like

this I guess a.d a.d a.d a shish update

changes d G f-sharp G up to say b-flat

hey she like that for the right hand

mess of my hand for the second pot once

you get that left hand for chords here

for the second part the four chords are

once again 2 D minor chords you do a two

of them

and then the third chord is G major

which is G B D and the fourth chord is C

major which is c e g yes so are these

four chords in mind said D minor twice G

major and C major the two hands together

goes like this a and D minor together

says together and E minor G and V Edgar

CMC magic it up like that that's the

second part one more time skills like


okay so yeah back-to-back the two parts

we've learnt so far would be play like

this check it out sounds awesome ready

okay so moving on now to leave for 10

years it goes a.d a.d a.d a g-sharp a of

to c c AG f d yeah so you can see in the

first three parts that we've learned the

first half of its always come like

similar motive is always ad ad ad ad

shopping and then follow something

different but for this third part goes

to the CC AG f d so that's the right

hand for this third pot alright so

that's that left hand we have four

chords here for this third pot so the

four chords are a D minor twice or just

da that you know and third chord is C

major which is c e g four quarters F

major which is FAC okay so with these

four chords and mincer D minor twice C

major and F major the two hands together

goes like this check it out

so a and D minor to get asses to come

and do you want

C&C managed guitar F and F major to give

up just like that

one more times goes to come out come on

just like that ambassador Parkinson

all right okay back-to-back the three

parts of learn so far we would play like

let's check it out

all right now moving on the fourth and

last one of this section

it's probably the harder part okay some

faster notes and everything again on the

right hand I guess and also a lot of

more changing chords and stuff okay so

the right hand goes like this starting

on the D here and then three fasteners

efj lat EF like that so kinda like slide

and then another three fasteners from G

g-sharp a like that and another three

fasteners slide from B flat B C like

that and then up to E flat D Delta G

sharp F like that yeah

so sly is kind of imitate like the arm

how the brass instrument is playing in

the original bra bra bra better bow that

part again so yeah imitates that sound

okay so yeah one more time skiers D E

flat D F force G g-sharp a fuss B flat B

C fast and then up to E flat D G sharp a

like that yes that's that like that

alright so that's that for the right

hand okay once you get that the left

town we have a bunch of course here of

six chords here but there's a lot of

changes and passing chord C okay so the

six chords are B flat major is the first

chord which is B flat D F 2nd quarter

eighth major which is FA CE third chord

passes to D major which is d F sharp a

four-color passes to G - G b-flat

and the fifth chord passes to C major

which is ceg and then the sixth chord

passes officials F major which is FAC

yes sir with those six courts in mind so

do all my time sit B flat major F major

D major G minor C major and me remember

when you do the two hands together for

this fourth the last part goes like this

D and B flat major


C and D major E flat G mantilla

G shavon similar

after death as made by so like that yeah

a lot more fast changing course here

well what time's your skin it's gone -

no - get out

it's gonna yeah just like that

all the time it's gone together yeah

yeah that's it okay really awesome stuff

okay so yeah when it's fast it'll be

demonic or so

it's gotta remember the cord placement

so you jump to the right one so yeah I

would say the lefthand for the last part

would be harder in terms of jumping

around and stuff again so back to back

the four parts which would be play like


yeah okay so that alone itself is

actually pretty hard already left and

jumping around but for people who are

finding like just the block chord

version too easy you can apply the

pattern afterwards and train your head

independence if some of you guys are

looking for a challenge

yeah but only do this once you get the

block chord and melody version correct

the one that I taught you this lesson

okay so way to do for the left hand

patterns for most of the time the ones

that doesn't have the passing chords you

want to do this pattern so it's called

like UK for any chord so 50 mine or for

example or four chord so you play the be

hired to nurse and then play an octave

below the higher heel back up to the two

notes again do this pattern for all the

chords for passing course just do this



once you apply that pattern to it then

you put the two ends together

it's just requiring you to do handed

hand independency okay sir

yeah the last part will be a bit more

difficult because a lot more faster

changing chords like this yeah so

there's a lot more faster changing

course there's easy to kind of slip like

this okay so you just got to practice it

practice a basic chord and melody first

then put in this pattern again okay so

yeah that's pretty much it so start over

slow speed then build up the speed you

can be like okay so yeah obviously

because this one requires agility

because um it is a pretty fast paced

song right hand it so it's pretty fast

and then the left hand chords change

it's pretty fast as well so you want to

just start off with a slow speed then

build your way up so you can get the

jumps correctly and everything yeah but

anyway oh so now let's pretty much it

very fun song to play I hope you enjoyed

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