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Learn how to play LOTTO MAX with PlaySmart

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Hey, hi, hello.

PlaySmart presents: Get Your Game On.

Where we learn how to play LOTTO MAX with confidence

so that you can have more fun playing.

Welcome, Abby. Are you ready to get your game on?

I was born ready, Nigel.

Alright, I like the enthusiasm.

So, tell me what you know about LOTTO MAX.

I know it's a lottery game, but that's about it.

Well, lotteries are essentially a number matching game.

You try to match your selected numbers

against a random number draw.

Let's start by looking at a LOTTO MAX ticket.

Each $5 play in LOTTO MAX gives you 3 lines of numbers,

meaning 3 chances at the jackpot.

The more numbers on each line you match to the draw,

the more you could win.

- And, I get to pick my numbers? - Yeah, that's right.

And you can choose 7 numbers between 1 and 50

for your first line, or ask for a Quick Pick.

However you pick your first line,

the next two are randomly generated.

No matter what numbers are chosen

they all have an equal chance of winning.

Okay. Good to know.

So, do I have to go to the store to make my choice?

Well, you can play LOTTO MAX at any local Lottery retailer,

even check-out lanes at select grocery stores.

And you can also buy your tickets online at

Are they all the same? Like, for my chances to win?

Absolutely. No matter how you buy,

the chances of winning are the same.

But what it takes to win depends on the type of prize.

To win a free play,

you just need to match 3 numbers on a line.

But if you want to take home that jackpot

of up to $70 million... - Now we're talkin'!

Then you need to match all 7 numbers in a line.

Got it! I've heard some people

using birthdays and anniversaries.

Do certain numbers win more?

No, Abby. Playing birthdays and special dates

can definitely add some fun,

but they have the same chances of winning as any other numbers,

because the draws are always random.

Now, let's talk odds.

The odds of winning the main jackpot

are 1 in 33,294,800.

Whoa, that's a huge number!

Yeah, it sure is!

That's why it's so exciting when someone wins.

And we all want to hit that jackpot,

but there are lots of other prizes too.

The overall odds of winning any prize

are 1 in 7 per $5 play.

I like how that sounds.

Do my odds get better the more tickets I buy?

You know, I wish that was the case, Abby.

Although it may be tempting to buy multiple tickets,

it doesn't change the odds of one of them being a winner.

Okay. My sister Jen told me

that the odds are better in big cities,

like where she lives. Is that true?

Well, I thought this was the case too, Abby,

but while it's true that there are more big-city winners,

it's simply because there are more people

in big cities buying tickets.

The more tickets sold,

the higher the chances that a winning ticket is in the batch.

But no matter how many tickets are sold, or where,

the odds of each ticket winning are exactly the same.

That's why you see winners all across Canada.

I'm calling Jen.

W-Woah! before you do,

you want to hear about another way you can win?

Is that a trick question? Of course!

Well, that's what I thought.

Whenever the LOTTO MAX jackpot

reaches or exceeds 50 million dollars,

MAXMILLIONS automatically kicks in,

giving each line of play additional chances

to win a 1 million dollar prize.

If one of your lines matches all 7 numbers

drawn for each MAXMILLIONS,

you could win a million bucks.

- That's awesome! - Oh, it doesn't stop there.

There are also prizes

for matching the LOTTO MAX bonus number,

depending on how many of the main draw numbers you match.

And, there's always ENCORE.

ENCORE? That's a thing?

Oh yeah, it's a thing, Abby!

ENCORE is a bonus game available for 1 more dollar per play.

It's an extra chance to win 1 million dollars

on your LOTTO MAX ticket.

- You ready for a fun fact? - I like fun facts!

Great. There are 22 ways to win ENCORE,

and prizes start at $2.

Cool! So how do I know if I've got a winning ticket?

Ah, there are 4 ways to check your ticket.

You could scan it yourself at a participating retailer,

ask the retailer to scan it for you,

use the OLG Lottery App, or visit

And don't forget to always sign your ticket.

So, when's the next draw?

Just check the top of the ticket to see the date.

For LOTTO MAX, there are two draws a week:

Tuesday and Friday.

My new favourite days of the week!

Mine too! So, Abby,

are you ready to have fun and play smart?

I am! Is this a real ticket?

Can we scan it to see if it won?

You know what? I can scan it with my OLG Lottery App.

- Did I win? -(Inaudible)