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California Lottery News: How to Play - CA Powerball

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have you seen the current Powerball

jackpot Wow

California begins selling Powerball

ticket the April 8 it is a $2.00 ticket

but those jackpots are bigger than ever

here's how to play like Mega Millions

players must match five numbers in any

order plus the red Powerball to hit the

jackpot with Powerball you'll choose

your first five numbers from a pool of

fifty nine the Powerball numbers only go

up to 35 you can also choose the click

pick option with so much money on the

line the second-place prize where you

match the five white balls minus the

Powerball isn't bad either and that's

the prize that people don't play for but

when they win it we've never had a

complaint yet

anytime you match the red Powerball you

win a prize

any time you get at least three white

balls in a single row you win the

overall odds of winning a prize in the

game are approximately 1 in 32 you

cannot combine numbers from different

lines you cannot combine numbers from

other tickets other states offer

something called power play that will

not be an option here and please note

unlike our other games the field of

Powerball tickets will end an hour

before the draw so get them early for

that evening straw but if you happen to

buy it within that one hour window don't

worry your tickets are still illegal for

the next Rock next up info on how to

claim your Powerball prize this is your

California Lottery news