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How to Win the Mega Millions Jackpot - Strategy Explained

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hey guys it's a sh here today I did I

wanted to do video on how to win the

Mega Millions

dot dot dot more often and this is a

great game it's a dollar per set of

numbers and it's held every Tuesday and

Friday and what you do is you pick five

numbers one through seventy-five and a

mega number one through 15 so my

strategy involves selecting a mega

number to ensure that you actually have

a shot at the the winning jackpot you

know kind of that's that's what we're

all after when we play this thing is to

hit the you know tens of millions of

dollars I think it's upwards of fifty

million for the for the current draw and

that would be plenty of money for me

after taxes and whatnot so I'm gonna

show you guys my strategy what I'm gonna

do is effectively I'm gonna pick a quick

pick for my set of one through

seventy-five numbers then I'm gonna

choose a specific mega number and what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cover all the

mega numbers to insure that I actually

have at least one of my drawers hits the

mega number effectively giving me a

better shot at millions of dollars so

let me show you how to fill out the card

and we'll just try the strategy and

hopefully you guys can play along with

me you know one consideration might be

if you guys play with a pool of friends

at work might be a little bit easier if

you guys go through a jackpot captain

because this strategy does involve

playing fifteen dollars at a time for

each draw that could be thirty dollars a

week a hundred and twenty dollars a

month so it could add up pretty

significantly but my thought is hey when

you hit the jackpot it'll it'll all be

worth it for that extra hundred and

twenty a month that you parted with so

let me show you I fill it out and we'll

go through

alright guys so there you have it

there's my strategy for winning the Mega

Millions more often

there is card number one which covers

mega numbers one through five two which

covers six through ten and three which

covers 11 through 15 so if you guys

think about it

let me know in the comments how you

think the strategy is gonna play out if

you guys play in a team maybe apply this

to some your numbers if you guys are in

a team you know probably be pretty easy

to employ this technique this strategy

yeah give me a shout out guys thanks for


SH here