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Cajon Lesson 1 - The Basics

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hi in this first lesson we're going to

start with basics we're going to take it

right back to the beginning and start

with the fundamentals of playing the

Cajon I'm going to show you the basic

hits and some basic patterns I'll play

it in three different speeds once we get

to the patterns but right now we're just

going to concentrate on how to stroke or

hit the Cajon in a correct way to

achieve the correct tone that you

require so here we are basics right back

to the beginning now I use three main

hits when I hit the con I use a base

tone which is located here I use a slap

tone which is located here and I use a

high slap tone which is located on the

edge here now for this exercise we

should practice even strokes with both

hands no matter if you're right-handed

or left-handed and we should just go

through the three main strokes so

starting with the base one slap I slap

bass slap I slap and how you should hit

the bass you want your hand not cup some

people cut their hands you're going to

lose a lot of tone there you want it

just slightly so there's there's a

slight cup in it but know you'll find it

you'll find it once you hear the tone

experiment the slot you know you won't

hear that's where your where your

knuckles are there for that slap here

it's going to be hitting with your

fingers and then on the edge your your

your knuckles here okay wrap in the edge

but not so you hurt yourself you don't

want to hurt yourself the Cajon is a

piece of wood at the end of the day and

we're here in a piece of wood and we

don't want to damage ourselves so let's

practice that that pattern I'm not using

my foot right now we're going to come to

that later just leave your foot off the

instrument and we'll practice those


so the thing to do now would be to pause

the video and go and practice those now

I just want to explain a little thing

about posture basically and sometimes I

see guys playing in there and then the

lunge right down here and they're

bending over to get the base tone and

it's and to be honest you're not going

to have a lot of control doing that and

also you're going to injure your back so

your posture is very important indeed

you need to have your back straight and

you need to be then you need to feel

centered like I'm vegan

so you're if your posture is correct

then you've got maximum power available

to you and energy available to you to

play so that's really important now

we're going to move on and we're going

to play a groove our first a first

groove simple groove no foot action

right now just that we're just going to

be playing with the I always keep my

foot just kind of down there anyway I

use my left foot when I'm doing pitch

change so this is our first groove

anyway I'm slowly it's it's just it's in

four four one two three four so that you

incorporates all the tones that we've

learned in the first lesson here and it

guess it's going with a wee rhythm in

four four so again the rhythm after four

one two three four

so the first hits are the first part of

the groove is so that's two base hits

leading with your left hand into the

first beat so it's 1 2 3 4 & 1 2 3 4 so

that's how that's how I'm kind of

carrying it in my head there and first

hit the third one is the slap not the

high slap which comes later

just the slap so that's that's the

second part first part second part so

simple it's just ridiculous so let's try

that a bit faster after 4 1 2 3 4 a

little faster 1 2 3 4

so there's a first lesson the basics I

mean there are more basics there's more

techniques but I think for right now you

need to just go away and practice the

fundamentals until you achieve the tone

that you require try that groove try

those different tones explore the drum

find different tones again important

posture is important you need to be

saying up straight and you need to be

you're not you're not bending down to go

looking on you're just up here you don't

need to go really far down to hit that

bass note it's within reach of course

your upper body is going to be moving

but you want to try and remember just to

keep that posture not so your stiff you

will need to be able to move about but

you just need to give that posture so

you're not hunched like this because

you're just going to do your back in

I've done my back in before before I

started thinking about posture so so

that's really important so yeah anyway

that's our first lesson and tune in for

the second lesson which will be more

advanced rhythms basically in 4/4 okay

so take care to learn bye bye