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How to Play The Brady Bunch Party Game in 4 Minutes - The Rules Girl

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I'm the rules girl and this is the Brady

Bunch party game a sibling whodunit game

of bluffing and deduction for three to

eight players in the Brady Bunch party

game one player takes on the role of

Alice the housekeeper while the other

players are the Brady kids everyone gets

in on the mischief making as they try to

fool Alice or snitch on their siblings

to witness Alice correctly identifies a

troublemaker the Brady kid who's played

the highest mischief cards kids that

have played the lowest of cards

are the tattle tales players who win if

Alice catches the troublemaker all other

kids are the sidekicks players who win

if the troublemaker avoids detection the

game is played over four rounds in which

the Brady kids play mischief cards

ranging from one to six and snoop on

each other while Alice questions the

kids trying to discover their goals to

begin round one Alice reveals one two

three snoop cards depending on the

number of players as indicated on this

card snoop cards determine which Brady

kids have a chance to spy on other kids

this round next each Brady kid selects

one mischief card from their hand

placing it face down below their

character on the game board now it's

time for the kids to snoop on their

siblings everyone closes their eyes and

hums the Brady Bunch theme song starting

with the first drawn snoop that player

opens their eyes looks at one mischief

card played by another player announces

when they're done and closes their eyes

then it's the next snoops turn once all

the snoops are done everyone opens their

eyes next Alice questions the kids

hoping to discover their goals but the

kids can either Bluff or tell the truth

when she's finished

Alice selects one kid she thinks she can

trust and rewards them with a cookie a

powerful item that will impact their

score at the end of the game after

giving a cookie Alice may also spend to

help token to look at mischief cards

next everyone closes their eyes again

and hums the Brady Bunch theme song the

kid who has given a

pics at another players mischief card

then closes their eyes if Alice spends a

hope token she now opens her eyes and

looks at one or two mischief cards

depending on the help token she played

finally after Alice questions the brady

kids one more time the round ends Alice

discards the snoop cards and moves the

round marker to the next face on the

game board the Brady kids tap their

mischief cards under their character

tiles and drawing you mischief card

bringing their hands back to three cards

and that's round start a new round by

reviewing new snoop cards at the end of

Round four it's time to score each

player with cookies must decide whether

to add or subtract them from their score

next Alice will select the kid she

thinks is the troublemaker its place as

the card facedown on the accusation

space now each player reveals their

mischief cards the player with the

highest score is the troublemaker and

the player with the lowest score is the

tattletale depending on the number of

players there could be more than one

tattletale all other players are

troublemakers sidekicks Alice then

reveals her guests if she's right Alice

and the tattle tales win if she's wrong

the troublemaker and sidekicks win ready

to play place the game board in the

middle of the table Brady Bunch side up

and place the round marker on the one

space choose a player to be Alice and

give them to Alice tile base cookies

home tokens and appropriate reference

card depending on the number of players

all other players choose a Brady kid

character tile and base take all snoop

cards matching only the brainy kids who

were chosen for this game shuffle them

and then place them face down in a draw

deck near Alice shuffle the mischief

deck and deal three mischief cards to

each player you may look at your mission

of cards but keep them secret from the

other players you're now ready to start

the game if you like the Brady Bunch

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