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How to Play Bones with Dom Flemons

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well hello there folks this is Dom


American songster remember the Caroline

Chocolate Drops I'm gonna teach you a

little bit about the bones now there are

a lot of different ways that you can

play the bones and so I'm just going to

show you some of the basics well the

first step is put the bones between your

finger that's between the pointer middle

finger and the ring finger you just

place them between those two fingers

like that

then you take your middle finger and you

squeeze the bone here tightest to your

thumb tighten to your palm very similar

to chopsticks and that now the other

bone that you have this one's hanging

loose enough so it's just hanging by

itself and so when you move your wrist

this bone here falls into this one

you're holding down tight so you get one

of those and you get one of those so the

next step is getting the triplet that's

something that people really like with

the bones getting this and so the main

thing with the bones is that they follow

your body motion and so once you get the

hand technique down this bone out here

is just going to sympathetically clack

against the one that's near your thumb

and so basically I'll show you the

motion here it's like think of your hand

starting up going down and then going

back up again

and so start it's a it starts on the

back beat and then goes 1 2 3 4 5 so

something like that and so when you put

the bones there once you've got a handle

on one set of bones it's nice to put in

two sets of bones and so basically all

you're doing is learning how to teach

the other one to do what you've already

taught one hand how to do so you got

that you just got to teach

once you get the basics on how to play

the bones you can really expand your

field of motion because actually you can

you can reach pretty far so I'll show

you with this harmonica how I play Cindy

Gayle well thanks for stopping by folks

and wine to learn a little bit about the

bones they've changed the way I play

every instrument so may they serve you

well and enjoy

it turned on the bones bone guitar bone

banjo bone bones