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How to Play Blues Harmonica - Blues Harp - Beginner Lesson

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hey what's up you guys Marty Schwartz

here um I want to give you guys some

just basic ideas you can try on the

harmonica a lot of guitar players have

harmonicas line in their case and

they're kind of meaning to get around to

being able to do some stuff um first let

me just give a little demo so I got a

little blues going I got my harmonica

right here it's um it's an unusual

harmonica it's a little bit bigger than

your average harmonica but I just find

it the bigger ones a really a really

nice tone I'll show you what I mean

you get the idea right

anyway I'll teach you guys how to play a

little bit on a smaller one so one thing

that you should be able to do is have

the right key harmonica for what you're

you know what you're jamming all right

so most people when they just buy a

harmonica for the first time or just

have one lying around typically it's the

harmonica and the key of C so what I did

was I you know wanted to show you a

little harmonica in the key of C because

the majority of people have this one so

with with a C harmonica you need to be

playing blues in the key of G and that's

actually a Moute something that has to

do with guitar modes but I want to

explain that basically I think what you

need to do is find out what the key of

the blues is so someone's like yeah

blues and G then just count G as the one

and go up four and that's the key of the

harmonica that that you would use for

blues harmonica so it's like oh yeah key

of G okay G a B C because a comes after

G in music abcdefg abcdefg you alright

alright so the first thing that I want

to show you you know you've got the

holes there okay you can blow into the

hole or you can inhale into the hole and

you get different notes that way so a

few things just right off the bat if I

take a harmonica and we're thinking

about don't even worry anymore that it

says C on it it's just basically this is

a blues harmonica and it's going to work

for the key of Blues and G one good

thing about the harmonica is there's no

wrong notes so right off the bat you can

just experiment with they call it

drawing which is inhale and and blowing

just up and down the whole thing

you know you can just do that with a

rhythm like so no matter what the notes

are right alright so right off the bat

if you inhale you can actually inhale in

the first five holes or hole two three

four and five any inhaling into that

gives you the first chord of the blues

so watch I'll count it off and just

inhale with the rhythm the rhythm is

this so that was a g7 chord now if I

inhale here with that you'll hear that

that matches up so I'm doing a quick

change that goes G the chords out of the

guitar g7 g7 c7 c7 g7 g 7g 7g seven and

if you don't know anything up and get

guitar that's alright just it's you know

one coat you know toward chord new chord

new chord original chord original chord

second chord second chord original so

and on this if you inhale in the holes

here you get the first chord of the

Blues if you blow into those same holes

you get the second chord of the blues so

right off the bat just inhaling some

holes and blowing some holes will give

you the two of the three chords of the

blues right off the bat just didn't you

don't mess around

but basically the most important thing

you could possibly learn to play blues

harmonica and have fun and everything

would be taking the whole number four

and learning to bend that note so listen

to that again

so one thing you want to try and do is

be able to only hear one note that time

that's the four whole inhaling you only

heard one note

and so I just pucker my lips around it

until I form just the whole that um is

gonna just draw from that floor whole

oops and it should sound like that not

that's more than one whole if you can

just pucker just enough and I'm not you

know it's in there a little bit so I'm

closing my mouth up around it a bit and

getting kind of a certain amount of

suction so when you heard that changing

you can see my throat changing a bit

check out

so it's it's hard to teach explain it

exactly but basically the the airflow is

being sucked in this way

and when I get the end and it's

traveling over a reed which is like a

piece of metal that's vibrating and so

what you do is you draw it from an angle

and it bends the pitch of of the sound

and then it kind of sounds like someone

singing or you know a guitar been kind

of thing so um the way I learned it I

was just just messing around I didn't

play guitar and I learned to play

harmonica first and then that led me to

jamming with people and having them show

me some guitar chords and stuff and then

I just played a lot more guitar um but

so what you can do is take that for

whole inhale really hard and then bend

the harmonica up while you try and keep

your lips still so you get the sensation

of what that bends is doing and then

what you can do is eventually start to

compensate with changing the shape of

the kind of the bottom of your jaw

you're kind of drawing down and it bends

the note so let's see here watch this

you just do it just enough to where you

start to hear it and I started doing

that first where I was just

inhaling really hard but basically it's

the shape inside my mouth is changing

almost like I'm talking and I'm drawing

that in what you got to do is you just

got to keep inhaling and pulling

armonica up all your airflow stays

steady and eventually I mean that's

that's how I got it once I got that then

I was just like kind of started inhaling

blowing and you know I do like a you

know like a you know John popper kind of

thing just you know that's another story

but um but then you know I could always

go to the and so once you get the bed

then you you can stop the airflow with

your tongue and get like a tongue

tapping thing and as you're inhaling you

can just go from for your doing the the

bend on four and then you just still

inhale and go Bubba and you end up on

the route again and you will have a cool

lick to play so the first thing we're

going to do and I'm realizing that I'm

out of time already so what you want to

do is just start experimenting with it

but get that Bend on that inhale for

whole that's the sound so you have to

keep doing it so um the harmonica lesson

part two we'll just be jam track so just

look for when you see this video right

with it will be jam track four in the

key of G alright so and see you later