play the

acoustic blues scale - fun, easy beginner guitar

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hey what's up you guys Marty here with

guitar jams calm I want to show you this

could be on an electric guitar and you

know I've taught this before but I just

want to emphasize this is like the

ultimate e blue scale run this is the

this is a run in the key of e so any

kind of a blues and it goes like this

the open e and then index finger on the

third fret and this is just another way

to play the e blues scale open three

five six seven now you can also skip

that blues note that's the sixth fret

and go

with that blues notes where you get okay

so we have zero three five six seven

now we have an awesome blues box right

here five seven on the a and five seven

on the D now recommend learning and

little doses like in other words go

oh okay I got that

then keep keep adding little pieces so

this little even just what we covered

right now one two three four five six

seven eight little notes there are some

of the most classic rock riffs and blues

riffs of all time or written right in

that little zone especially if you add

like you know an e7 chord right here or

in a seven sharp nine hendrix

okay so we have zero three five six

seven five seven five seven now we have

that same little blues note so seven

eight nine or just seven slid to nine

and this whole run is only going to use

our index and ring finger for the whole

thing oh three five six seven five seven

five seven eight nine seven nine on the

g-string 79 when you have these runs

that are really long it's a it's easier

to extend your licks out not you know

when guys are just in the one pentatonic

a lot of times you kind of hiccup by

running out of room this enables you to

climb up the entire neck so we have open

e oh three five six seven five seven

five seven eight nine seven nine on the

G and this is the only weird weird part

but it's not really that weird um we're

going to go index finger listen

carefully to the fingers index finger on

the eighth fret of the b

to the 10th fret on the B now we're

going to slide with that so we could

either go 10 11 12 which is that blues

note again or just 10 to 12 and then

last but not least we have a 1012 on the

high e where did we end we ended on the

e root of the scale so once you get all

the way to here you can get your it you

can chain interchange your ring finger

for your index finger and now my friends

you're in the power zone or the tasty

zone of the regular pentatonic that

everyone learns first so check it out


twelve ten twelve eleven ten eight on

the B and then ring finger to the nine

on the G nine seven nine eight seven on

the D five seven five seven six five

three o or and triple-a triple-a

triple-a triple-a triple-a triple-a

triple-a triple ax and then what's so

cool about that it's like the freeway so

you get little licks along the way but

you use that up and down to you know to

extend the licks out for instance I love

this and this is taught on the new

Blue's DVDs index finger on the seventh

fret of the high E and middle finger on

the eighth fret of the B

I just added my ring finger to the ninth

fret of the high e but that's like

straight like pride and joy

so let's say there's that lick right

there you can use that extension either

from up here to down to it or from here

up to it to your licks and that's just

one lick of you know a billion

or from here so work that run out I

think you're going to really get a lot

of use out of it and on my new DVDs I

have ten jam tracks so you can just

practice these licks all day and all

night practices run over different

styles of blues progressions so just

keep that in mind and got a lot more you

know free lessons coming your way too

and that's it

thanks a lot we'll talk to you later