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How to play The Bleeding acoustic

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okay so got requested a song actually

quite high okay but since I'm a loser

just now getting to it um

so yeah sorry the purse but as version

that for a question oh yeah oh yeah so

the interest starts twelfth fret fourth

string in your finger and you're gonna

play that twice

and you're gonna put your ring finger on

the 14th fret of the third string and

play that once you know go back to the

12th fret 4th string and play it twice


and you're going to play the 15th fret

of the third string and then 12 6 and

the 12 of 4th string again twice

yeah the 14 begins and 12 again twice

and you're gonna hammer on from the 12th

the 12th fret of the third string onto

the 14th fret of the third string I kind

of just bar both a third in the fourth

string on this wall so I can do that

pretty easily then you repeat the

beginning bargain

then instead of hammering on the 14th

you're gonna hit both of them both

strings on the 12th and slide all the

way down to be eighth fret first finger

fourth string 8th fret ring finger on

the 10th fret of the 3rd string for the

8th fret twice late fret twice twice in

the 10th fret once you just repeat that

over there you hit both those strings

and slide up to the tenth inch 10th fret

and the 12th fret

News anything and then you slide back up

to the 12 and 14

then you beat that whole thing over

again if you pull that through twice um

that's pretty much my intro actually

it's just plain that through of a couple

times and it's its most diverse to clap

you play that twice in the verse I have

to play that twice you're going to

there's another little part where you

hit the fourth the fourth string with

wall fret and the ninth fret of the

third string 10th fret insertion

I'm a twelfth fret of the third string

and the tenth fret of the second string

and your hammer-on pull-off to the 11th

fret back to the 12th 12th fret of the

third string

then to the tenth fret of the fifth

string and back to the twelfth fret a


and then you got to up you get the

toilet again you're going to do own go

down to the ninth fret and back up to

the get back up to the tenth fret the

third string and back to the ninth and

that's the ten then you're going to the

twelfth fret of the fourth string mm-hmm

the tenth fret for sure cause I think

that's right it should be right yeah and

then that's that's the intro and the

verse is yeah the bows and then for the

chorus it's just these first three his

last three strings open sort of E and E

string or open

nudge Plato through strings to Isis

I'm going to Palm mute it and go then

strum down up they're going to strum

them again call muted and then twice

again thank you yeah you do that three

times far those three strings on the

third fret put three times then you're

going to a fourth time let's slide up

the bit so put it on the fit

that's the whole course and I don't

actually know the bow so the part where

cash flows down a bit so I love that but

there you have the intro verse and

chorus of bleeding acoustics so I think