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How To Play Bingo

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so you're new to bingo well you've come

to the right place

let's jump straight into it to start

each player buys at least one ticket

which is made up of a grid of numbers

then when the game gets going numbered

balls are drawn at random and called out

if a numbered ball corresponds to a

number on your ticket this number is

dogged off the objective is to dorbz

full columns rows diagonals or all of

the numbers on your ticket depending on

the type of bingo game you're playing

here are some of the most common types

of bingo on YouTube it in 75 ball bingo

there are 75 numbered balls that can be

called and ticket support individually

each ticket is made up of a 5x5 grid

with a number in each square apart from

the center one this is called a free

square and it can be used to complete

rows columns or diagonal lines with four

dorp numbers we also offer 75 ball

variant which is similar to 75 ball but

tickets are purchased in strips of three

and there aren't any free squares in

both types of 75 ball bingo there are

five prizes up for grabs in each game

the first prize pays out to the first

player to make a line in any direction

after that it's just horizontal lines

and prizes payout for two three or four

lines and the last prize pays out for a

full house the third type is ninety ball

which as you may have guessed has 90

numbered balls tickets are made up of a

nine by three grid each with fifteen

numbers on them and the rest of the

squares blank in ninety ball prizes are

awarded for making one line two lines

and a full house and it's as simple as


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