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Secret Tips How To Win Playing Lottery SCRATCH OFFS !!! How Much Did I Win ???

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go guys so today we're doing a video

that actually BMW doctor Dean's wife

recommended me do and she brought this

up I never thought much about it at

first and then I got to thinking about

it and I started asking other viewers

about doing a lottery scratching video

and everybody's like you have to do that

Nathan that is an awesome idea so we're

right here you can see you got a little

furry animal in front me here which is

the microphone for the GoPro so we're

gonna do a little picture and picture on

this we're gonna scratch some lottery

tickets so what we have here we have a

receipt so I spent 50 bucks on these I

got a pack in M&Ms so it was like fifty

one dollars of change and we have a

bunch of different tickets here I'm

going to show you some little tips and I

don't buy a lot of lottery the last year

I saw I haven't bought a lot and busy

other stuff I just don't do that much

anymore I'm gonna show you how to tell

how to win I mean how you're gonna be

able to tell what's a winning ticket or

what's a general area in the strip

that's gonna win so we have some dollar

tickets we have some five-dollar tickets

we have six five or six we have five

five dollar tickets we have one $10

ticket we have a bunch of $2 ticket so

we have three four five so we're gonna

start off real quick here with these

$1.00 tickets and hopefully you can see

this good I think you should be able to

you and we're gonna going start

scratching things off now one tip I'm

gonna give you right away you can see on

these two dollar tickets see there's a

white line in between these you can't

really see it too good on this let me

try to find a thicker one that has more

relevant like this one right here so see

on this $5 ticket there's a white line

in between there and this one there's

not alright just a dotted line if you

see that

I was always told I always went by

that's indication that that is a winning

ticket or the one before after that is a

winning ticket now we don't know on this

one looks like there was a white line

where it got ripped up on top and

there's not so it's probably not looking

good that's just a general consistence

of assistance of what to look for that's

what I look for when I bought lottery

tickets so let's go I start scratching

this and this is a 5 X lucky 13 which

pushes back just a hair

try us at the table so one numbers are

13 and 11 okay we're gonna go ahead and

go down the row here 6 8 4 7 and 3 so no

winners on that and let me see here let

me go ahead and do the next one 14 see


there maybe that maybe that'd be a

little better 14 and 8 and at this point

we're gonna do 13 for 10 9 and 11

so no winner on that one I don't think

any is gonna be a winner maybe a free

ticket let's see if I'm right or if I'm


15 12 11 8 4 6

and 14 so three in a row no winner one

and a there's a little bit of glare on

that I don't like that I'm not sure what

I could do with with that without turn

the lights different for 13 14 13 and 11

so another loser like I said I don't

think it's gonna be a winner either 8 9

11 oh no no no no so it's for losers

right in a row and like I said we did

not see the white line in between them

it looks like there's one there but we

ripped this off let's see if it does the

same thing so the winner is gonna be

before after this yeah so that was a

white line at the top so probably this

roll hit before we got it here so it hit

on the upper tickets before the ones

that we got my quarter go here it is and

let's go and beat on these two our two

dollar tickets let's rip these in half

and before we do that there was a white

line right here so let's just kind of

rip those like so so I'll get in the way

so this one is quick one hunters these

are $2 tickets and we have our wedding

numbers up here so let's go and scratch

those 12 and 16 and then our prizes are

right here so we're gonna do 18 kind of

angle it toward as you can see a little


18800 no oh

no no five so what we've got probably a

free ticket let's see here

reveal a money bag symbol when the prize

automatically okay then our other ones

are reveal of 100 symbol or a all

alright so let's see we got two dollars

so a free ticket I'm gonna tell our

ticket I rip this guy off put that in

the winner pile make sure everything's

still going here yeah everything's for

recordin so next we're gonna go ahead

and do these but five and a seventeen is

their winning numbers three no no no no

no no no and no okay

the next one 18 and 10 I don't expect

this the web you never know

and no all right so let's make a pile

over here those get the loser pile out

all right and here's our white wine it's

split between these two cards so let's

see if this gets in and gets us anywhere

15 and 7 and nothing on that one and I

fully expect by buying $50 with the

tickets I told the lady at the gas

station is it huh

maybe we'll win 15 dollars back of that

50 that's about the going rate so if you

don't have a lot of money don't frickin

go buy lottery tickets and think that's

gonna pan out for you because it's not

I'll say it's impossible but it's pretty

much impossible this is for

entertainment purposes only 18 5 is our

winning numbers it's like gonna get the

old shaft on this one again and nothing

that there I'll do or $5 tickets have a

white line between these you can see

right there and we don't we separated on

that so let's go ahead and scratch the

bottom half of this white line

these are big cash subway numbers are


10:39 25 23 I think I'd say yeah

so we have 29 nope

26 nope nope and no 36 nope

34 nope

and that my friends shake all the stuff

off of it that my friends is how you

throw away five bucks it's double triple

quadruple checking all this and that is

not a winner in any way shape or form I

don't think there's another row there is

not that's the barcode that one's to the

loser pile the one that was on attached

to it so this is the top of the white

line and you still see it right there

32:24 6-4 18 there's not another one

over there okay there we go

40 no 21 no 16 no 35 Elmo 19 no cool

though I'm not looking at this camera

I'm looking at the thing to scratch it

shake off all the all the losing silts

there alright make sure

17:30 no or ricky to have a stack of

under evil or a bag of money we haven't

had either one of those we'd know if we

had that three No

34 now 9 no nope nope and 36 no so it's

a white line situation proven I would

say no but usually as a rule of thumb

I'll get you close to the loser pile you

go buddy get another one here

36:13 10 27 30 and that is it 22:19 2512

4 and 1 21 14 32 16 and 11 I would say

maybe in the last year or so the lottery

winnings it's gotten decreased quite a

bit cuz it's pretty it's pretty grim

outlook right there oh hold on we done

we done screwed up scratch the back four

more chances to win well son of a what

the hell is going on here so on this

side reveal a dollar sign the five extra

cash or stack of money five extra cash

that's a bow but not cash just say down

below what it is yeah

bow okay so that's done

let me get back in the loser pile and

grab these other two oh we got a winner

see you almost do a damn thing away


shoe a ring all right let's see 10 bucks

redeem yourself just a tiny bit

basically has two free tickets let's go

ahead and do this one

no rainbow car horseshoe four-leaf

clover and a key back to the loser pilot

you go buddy 23:27 nine nineteen thirty

five twenty eight eighteen thirteen

sixteen three eleven thirty four and

twenty that my friends not a winner

let's see if we got the back rainbow a

chest he a car

and piggy bank loser loser that one is a

winning number is 3814 1806-20 230 416

928 435 2125 39:32 11 and 17 piggy bank

stack cash got a winner on that one


five bucks free ticket all right ladies

and gentlemen very last one here is a

real bright one this is a $10 to ticket

so let's see this is 50x lucky let's see

how lucky the 50x lucky is so one

fourteen thirty eight twenty eight forty

and fifteen is our winning numbers

twelve eleven 326 237 27 for 836 sixteen

eighteen thirty five twenty four and

twenty nine and that is what you call a

loser so at the $50 we spent let me see

here just double triple quadruple

checking all that and there is not a

winning number in any of that mess so

there's that mixture we scratched

everything I think that is it

so our totals here are at this point we

have fifteen sixteen seventeen dollars

like I said ten on the one five another

we had two on this one so got seventy

dollars back and we spent fifty dollars

so that that my friends is how lottery

goes I guesstimated 20-ish so he came in

a little bit low if you liked this video

you only see scratch more lottery

tickets hit the thumbs up tell me in the

comments hope you guys enjoyed it

tomorrow back to BMW videos we'll see

y'all soon