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3 Reasons Why You Get Beat on Defense | Basketball Defense Techniques

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hey what's gonna push collin castellaw

with shot mechanics basketball today I'm

gonna tell you the three reasons why you

get beat on defense

all right defense is an incredibly

important part of the game and if you're

a liability on defense your coach is

probably gonna sit you on the pine so

today what I wanted to do is talk about

some of the reasons why you're getting

beat on defense that way you can correct

it and get more playing time but also we

want to make sure you're scoring more

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it now when we're thinking about defense

the very first thing that hurts players

a lot is over sliding now let me talk

about that for a second on defense we're

taught most of the time that we need to

slide and we need to slide right we've

all been to a camper clinic before where

we stand in a line and a coach points

left at Coach points right and we all do

this and we all do this and it's all

great right that might have worked in

the 1950s for everybody but that's not

today's game players are too fast too

skilled to athletics so it's the biggest

mistake a lot of players make is they

over slide they feel like the only way

they can play defense is to slide to

stay in front of people that's not true

to stay in front of people you need to

be able to turn run and cut off let me

say that again turn run and cut off so

if I'm starting to slide with somebody

and it looks like they're starting to go

by me instead of trying to keep it

sliding in front of them if they start

to beat me over the edge I'm going to

turn run and then try to cut them off

and change directions right so the whole

key as soon as you think that you might

be getting beat you've got to beat that

offensive player back to a spot so if

you can turn run and cut off already

you're gonna be a much much more dynamic

defensive player because you can move a

lot faster on the court alright so the

next thing that gets a ton of players

beat on defense is following the

basketball so most of your work

defensively is actually done when your

player doesn't actually have the

basketball so what happens all the time

is like let's say my offensive players

here they got the basketball

I'm dnm up it's all great they pass the

ball out right what most defensive

players do and the reason why a lot of

players get beat is they go ok my guy

doesn't have anymore he's not a threat

and then they just follow the basketball

wherever it goes on the paint and

because of that their offensive player's

moving they're cutting their screening

they're doing things behind their back

and so the defender has to react in a

split-second and a lot of time can give

up buckets we see it all the time

somebody to go to help side then won't

see their man all of a sudden he cuts up

gets a wide open shot or maybe they're

looking at the basketball over here

their man back doors and gets a layup

right so the key that we always like to

talk about is see man involved see

mannonball at all times I want to use my

peripheral vision so I'm keeping an eye

on my man and I'm keeping an eye on the

basketball let's say the basketball is

in the complete opposite corner and my

man's here I might have to drop a little

further in to help side so I can still

see both of them just like that man in

ball if I'm looking at ball

my man's cutting if I'm looking at just

my man the ball can be doing something

different so if you can see man in ball

at the same time there'd be much more

dynamic on defense you'd be a much

better communicator for everybody else

all right so the next thing that kills

players on defense is a low defensive IQ

and what I mean by that is it doesn't

matter how you move it doesn't matter

how athletic you are if you can have a

high basketball IQ on defense you can

become a much better defender and by

that I mean things like this number one

scouting you got to know what players

are great at unless you're just playing

like some random open gym that you've

never seen the players before you're

gonna start knowing tendencies if you're

playing you know the same teams in a

league or if the same teams on

tournaments you're gonna start to notice

tendencies that players like to do and

so what you need to do is you need to

actively be a scout inside of your brain

a massive mistake that a lot of younger

players make is they just go out and

play and they don't really think about

what the other players on the court are

doing but if I'm guarding people and I

go okay hey I know he really likes to

step back to his left or I know that he

really likes a hesitation drive to his

right so what you can start doing as you

start building profiles for different

players and they become so much easier

to guard once you know what they like to

do right so unless it's just some like

random open gym that you've never been

to before that makes it a little bit

harder but for every other scenario you

need to know what players like now check

this I was coaching in like a little

seventh-grade team a few months ago and

we were playing this other team and they

had a really nice little guard who's

pretty shifty could shoot from the

outside right he hit like three step

backs in a row where he hesays with his

right hand crossed over and stepped back

to his left right after one you're like

okay that's fine after two you're like

yeah he kind of likes doing that move so

the third one should never happen right

because as a defender you should know

hey that has me step back something that

he's looking for all the time well

you're gonna end up noticing his most

players are super one-dimensional most

players have one or two moves that they

really like to do and so if

can sit on that and have a high

basketball IQ and kind of be that

in-game Scouter for yourself you can

automatically become a better defender

without even doing any conditioning in

strength training or anything you know

that has to do with your athleticism all

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