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The Beatles - YESTERDAY EASY Guitar Lesson Tutorial // Paul McCartney - how to play

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this is how to play yesterday by the

Beatles this is to coincide with the new

movie also called yesterday and the way

that I'm going to teach this is more

akin to the way that Hamish Patel the

lead actor from the new movie the way

that he plays it which means a couple of

things we have no barcodes in the way

that I'm going to teach it and it is

much easier and I'm actually going to

teach this in standard tuning first of

all the way that Paul McCartney and the

Beatles version would be is tuned down a

whole step which I don't actually

recommend you try for most or almost

beginner guitars and especially if

that's something that you're not used to

and in the new movie

they actually tuned down by three half

steps that's all the way down to e now

is a long way and it just means that

your strings will rise from the

fretboard and your guitar will become

harder to play and you could if you

guitar plays well at the moment

there's a chance that it could make your

guitar harder to play over the long term

so it's not something that I recommend

for most people to try therefore we're

going to cover it in standard tuning and

I'll cover the down-tuned version a

little bit later in the video let me

just give you a quick demo of what I'm

going to show you how to do


all my troubles seemed so far away

now it looks as though they're here to

stay oh I believe in yesterday why she

had to go I don't know see you wouldn't

see I said something wrong now I long

for yesterday yesterday love was such an

easy game to play now I need a place to

hide away oh I believe today


so that's what we're going for and I'm

playing this on a journey instruments

road trip carbon fiber travel guitar

which if Batman had a guitar it would

definitely be one of these this is quite

stunning it has the sound hole in a

different place which is really making

it sound really fantastic as my ears

actually closer to the to the sound hole

that I hope it's sounding good on the

recording it's playing really well

there's a link for you to check out more

about this guitar in the description

below let's make a start with this

tutorial now so we are in the key of

g-major we're going to forget about the

tuning down for a second I'm in standard

tuning and the first chord is G but we

only need to play it with without the

first finger so just using middle third

and little finger we're then going to

move all of those fingers down so just

second third and fourth finger down one

fret and move the third finger up by one

this is our substitution for that

f-sharp minor in this song and it then

means that to play the chord after that

we just have to move that middle finger

up by one string so from here to here so

we have yesterday all my troubles seemed

so and then the next chord is a minor

far away now the pattern with the

fingers is actually from strum strum

strum and I'm using little up strums

with my first finger you use down strums

but importantly we're not really playing

any string below the root note so we do



and then

and it is that that allows us to play

these partial chords and avoids us

having to use bar chords that's the

trick so G move in a string down middle

finger down to E minor

I would just briefly play the open D

string go to a C D and G

I'll link to a chord sheet in the

description which may help you with this

is to finish up with we have a similar

move again B minor a7 CGG yesterday

here's a recap all my troubles seemed so

far away

now it looks as though they hate to stay


with the picking that I would recommend

we use its thumb one two three with a

Down strum or an upstroke it's softer we

use the fleshy part of our finger and a

little bit harsher if we use the nail

three for yesterday

all my troubles seemed so far away

now it looks as though they're here to

stay oh I


it's exactly the same as that again

please play along this time if you can

even if it's just with one strum per

chord three four suddenly there's a



I'm not half the man I used to be Oh



and that's the main part of the song as

all our verses see need to get that

pattern down cuz the second part of the

Sun why she had to go I don't know a

last section

it's based around the same kind of

progression it just changes it a little

bit we started off with that same chord

again that little substitution for the

f-sharp minor to our substitution for

Abby why she and then we're gonna go for


she wouldn't let me do all of that again

she can get a handle on it


for yesterday so we'd start off with

this board again the F sharp minor going

to a B and then this is our substitution

for a minor this is just an E minor

chord not as we know it not called

anything else we're just fretting it in

a different point and this guitar has no

dots on it which I've just realized

that's above it above on the top of the

fretboard but on the inlays getting

guitars should have inlays that's just

my personal opinion my apologies that it

doesn't for the time being so we would

be at the seventh fret and the fifth

fret like this down to fifth like this

essentially a D chord so II minor to D

then heresy okay so we've got our

standard C shape two frets up and then

this is our substitution minor chord

which is the first and third finger down

that's the way it's played in the movie


down to an LLC C / be a minor D major

and then G


she would say sneaking in that a little

a -7

this is our gnome normally my hair -

seven makes you sound a little bit more

jazzy a little bit musically clever I




seven-card and BHA angie and then we're

back exactly what we've done before so

let me just play that last bit again

with the pattern and then we'll look at

the detuning kind of thing




for the descending part from here you

could just play seventh fifth third to

two chords that would work really great

as well


makes it a little bit easier detuning

wise so we're taking everything down by

a tone that we can do this together I'm

using a tuner which you should too

we're going to take the e all the way

down to a D we're taking them all back

by a letter so the a goes back to a G

I'm using a a boss chromatic tuner on

the floor on it as a pedal down here the

D goes back to a C G down to F

be back to Annie

e down to D the resulting sound and what

this means is it's much easier to sing

yesterday all my troubles seemed so far

away I could not reach those notes in

standard tuning with my voice this will

be the same reason I can only imagine

that Paul McCartney choose to tune his

guitar down this far because he wrote

the song in G as he played it and then

thought it's too iPhone the voice I'm

gonna Choon it down it's like the

opposite effect to a capo however it

really does affect your guitars balance

and and the angle of the neck can really

be thrown and if a guitar is tuned down

by that far or if it's tuned down

another step again which is how it's

played in in the movie the guitar should

really be set up and the neck adjusted

for that tuning which is one reason why

people like myself can have many guitars

it's it's we don't want to be retuning

guitars up and down by that far all the

time so this is just for people really

that want to either perform it or play

along to the to the recording and it's

not something that should be done for

beginners if you wish to let's play it

together now we'll just do it nice and

slowly a nice full playthrough in this

starting on the G chord which now sounds

like an F because we've tuned the guitar

down a whole step so every chord has

gone back a letter or two semitones just

like all the strings went down two

semitones otherwise known as a whole

tone I hope that explains it a little

bit for some of you guys play along if

you wish to three


all my troubles seemed so far away now

it looks as though the here to stay oh I

believe in yesterday suddenly I'm not

half the man I used to be

there's a shadow hanging over me Oh

yesterday came suddenly why she had to

go I don't know she wouldn't say I said

something I loved for yesterday

Oh yesterday love was such an easy game

to play

now I need a place to hide away oh I

believe in yesterday

why she had to go I don't know she

wouldn't say

I say so pink now I long for yesterday


Oh yesterday love was such an easy game

to play

now I need a place to hide away


thank you so much for sticking around to

the end for watching my tutorials please

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guys again bye for now