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How to play "LET IT BE" - The Beatles | Piano Chords Tutorial + Sheet Music

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hi now welcome to bite size piano in

this video I'm going to teach you how to

play let it be by the Beatles there's

only going to be three sections that

we're going to go through today which

will make up the entire song so like in

all my videos I've listed the full chord

song lyrics structure in the description

below so you can follow it along and

piece it together so I'm going to start

with the intro first which is pretty

much the same as the verses so the first

chord we're going to play

it's a C major inversion which is G C

and E you're gonna play that twice and

you're going to keep you from there and

bring these notes in to B and D and play

G major I'm gonna play that twice you're

gonna move that whole shape up one which

is an a minor chord so a C and E you're

gonna play that twice


and the next chord is an F major 7 2 and

F 6 in the left hand you're going to

play an F in the right hand you're going

to play effectively play an a minor

chord again once and then bring the e

into the D so the left hand when we come

to do that in a moment it was some like


and then it goes back to the C major

chord again twice and then back to G

twice and then you're going to play

these this thirds pattern which is F and

a E and G B and F and then C and E like



so I'll just run through that right hand

cut those right hand chords again from

the beginning


so the left hand you just gonna be

following all those root notes so if you

complain Octus playing oxes but if not

just play a single lower notes so we've

got C's

and then you could do this walk-up which

is F F sharp G like that if you don't

want to add that quick part in after

you've played the C just go straight to

the G and then it's 2a

and then 2f


walk up

and if you come up to F this time you're

gonna play f e d c

so I'm gonna fit that together now



so that's the intro and now those are

the exact same chords for the first but

the verse doesn't have that walk-up

Parton it's the verse if I just play

that for you would just be


so now we're going to have a look at the

chorus so the first card is an a minor

and play that twice

and then a c-major inversion again so

just maybe thumb to G and play that


and then an F major chord twice which is

fanc and then back to C major twice C

major again twice

and then G major and then this part



I'll go over that one more time


so the last time with that you're going

to play a

and then down to a G with that C major

chord so that's gonna be a C over G and

then down to an F

and then I see

see again

and then gee

and then F D D see

so I'll fit that chorus together


so there's only one more part left to do

which makes the outro and is also part

of the middle eight section which comes

straight after the second chorus so it's

like an extension of this part so you're

gonna play that so D and you're going to

just keep going down in thirds so the

next one after that would be B flat and

D a and C G and B

F an A and then Eng

I'll do that again


and then there's like a little whirl

it's a sound which plays the same thing

again but an octave higher and the left

hand is just following the bottom notes

more often than not so it's playing f e

d c b-flat a G F and then very low C's

so I'll put that together


play a full Seafarer at the end and then

it's like the guitar solo part so the

chords in the piano are just playing the

cards in the verse again so I'm just

going to play the second chorus so you

can see how it connects together with

the those that middle eight first



and again that's how the piece ends as

well so that concludes the piano part -

let it be I hope that's been useful and

that you have enjoyed it please give

this video a big thumbs up if you have

if you have any song requests please

leave them in the comment section below

or requests are noted and considered I

look forward to talking with you all

there and I will see you in the next

video bye