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but either way what's up guys and Sam I

am back here at the house sadly this

time I am alone because I am playing the

bath game tonight now I said I do not

want to do these games alone but the

bath game only requires you to do the

first part by yourself yes in this game

there are two parts to the game the

ritual happens at night the invitation

if you will and then the actual game

itself happens tomorrow morning when I

wake up this ritual summons an ancient

Japanese girl that died in a bathtub I'm

going to go into the bathtub summon her

and in the morning I'm allowing her and

inviting her to follow me throughout the

day the point of the game tomorrow will

be to evade her and hopefully stop her

from following I've heard mixed things

about this game whether or not she

actually does anything harmful to you

possesses you or kind of brings you to

her same fate in in the bathtub like she

died but I guess we will see the first

part takes place tonight and just to

make it even more special it is 3

o'clock in the morning devil's hour

anything that could possibly be haunted

probably happen at this hour and as you

saw from last video this house is no

less haunted than my last house but at

least I'm not making my house any more

crazy so let's go over the rules alright

so here's how you play the game before

you go to bed at night take off your

clothes and go into the bathroom filled

the bathtub with water and turn off all

the lights sit in the middle of the

bathtub facing the faucet or taps now

here's where it kind of gets weird

wash your hair while repeating over and

over the words daruma-san

down daruma-san fell down in other words

this ritual because it is a Japanese

ritual is otherwise known as daruma-san

as you wash your hair in your mind you

should see an image of a Japanese woman

standing in a bathtub she slips and

falls into the rusty tap the tap goes

through her eye and kills her this is

why she haunts these bathtubs when you

do unparent Lee supposed to keep

repeating these same same words

daruma-san fell down until I finished

washing my hair the entire time and you

keep my eyes shut until I leave the

bathroom it says I might here feel

something behind me or over my shoulder

I should not open my eyes whatsoever

that just means the ritual has worked

when I feel that presence I should say

out loud why did you fall in the bath

keeping your eyes shut tightly and after

that stand up get out of the bath with

your eyes closed still and exit the

bathroom as soon as you shut the door

behind you it is now safe to open your

eyes you got to leave the water in the

bath overnight and go to sleep the next

morning when I wake up the game will

begin I'll explain tomorrow morning what

the rules are for the actual game and

what I should and should not do but

let's go up and invite a random Japanese

woman to take a bath with me that should

not be taken out of context let's go

unlike my other place I have giant

freakin bad guys I'm actually excited

that I'm doing this bath game here

rather than

twenty freakin a closed-off bathroom and

I couldn't really get out of if I wanted

to be on filling up the bathtub right

now as you speak I got the directions

here I'll turn off my head here when the

time comes it's freakin creepy guys when

I turn off the light sitting in a bath

Ilana take in a house alone like I'm not

used to at all than like doing my house

I don't know

good thing is once I do the whole thing

the whole bath ritual tomorrow I can

spend the day with whoever I want to and

doesn't really matter so this is doing

what I'm doing so as I was saying before

hand I got and take off my clothes get

in and then turned towards the faucet

and start chanting for rituals so here

we go this might be freaking creepy I

laugh and I try to smile and

try to take these length array of

challenges lightly sometimes like beat

down but don't for you guys also one

thing thank you to everyone who has

subscribed for these games and that's

freaking awesome I owe it you guys so

much and for those of you guys that

haven't I want to give you an update

we're done I'm done my 50% of people

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saying either way let's freakin do it

I realized what I'm supposed to see so

maybe that's why I'm seen I know people

like I thought about this biessing this

but I also be estimate to like maybe the

only reason why I'm thinking about this

is because I know what I was looking


if I watch this back and there's

actually something behind me you don't

feel someone behind you like you don't

actually need to see them I got that

like a split second so I think that's it

so I feel like presents I say why did

you fall in the bathtub oh okay again I

don't know why both of my eyes or

anything look twice twice here sounds

like started chanting this else

something it might be because I'm


I'm also super tired

let's Kurtzberg go out last step is get

out the bathtub in closing the bathroom



alright guys the bathroom doors closed

are gonna leave the water in the bath

until morning that's when I drain it I

apparently just have to sleep here and

wake up and nothing should happen to me

until the morning the morning is when

the actual game starts so I think that's

where I end it here for tonight I'll see

you guys in the morning

peace what's up guys good morning oh I

had a freaking weird nightmare this

house creaked so much in the night it

was a heart that's sleep but it is the

morning so I think the only other part

of the ritual is I turn off looks like

you kind of have drained a little bit

it's cold I think that's it and today I

think I'm supposed to see her a bunch

let me see what the rules are next

morning when I wake up the game supposed

to have begun so that's right now

throughout the day when I glanced over

my right shoulder I'll occasionally

catch a glimpse of this Japanese when

when I was talking about last night when

she gets closer as the day goes on she'd

shout tomare which means stop and run

away as quickly as possible

in the game you much catch a glimpse the

ghostly woman and shout kita which means

I cut you loose this is so weird then

hold out your hand in front of you and

swing it down in a cutting motion must

end the game

midnight other way hello


so we're the brightest the bath is like

completely drained

I'm so confused the good thing about

this is I'm just gonna go get ready and

I can go back to my other house I'm

probably gonna go see Kent and Colby

today see if they still were haunted

from the whole mid name and stuff in the

last couple games I know all right I'll

see you guys when I get ready I'm just

gonna take around this camera all day

basically and when I do I'll just show

you as much as I possibly can and try to

get as much as I can on camera if I do

catch a glimpse of her see you I was

literally just about to stop by the

house and Koehler was call me on the way

can you repeat what you just said to me

no I've been like I've been out the

other house like all day I want to come

see this and here I'll be up in two

seconds yeah

Colby yeah what happened

you're the painting she's white

yeah I see you're not screwing us I

thought you were screwing me what cuz I

was in my room it's like my earphones

and everything and I hear a loud crash

or whatever with all this midnight Games

stuff going on I thought you were trying

to like break me so I came in here

really fast like what hey getting ready

to get my reaction or whatever and I saw

this I mean this isn't like I haven't

put this up on the wall yet it was it's

just every time it's just leaning right

there but I have never had that fall

like never would like it would have -

well yeah it was even behind this

probably that it was leaning up against

this so there must have been some I mean

actually yeah though the windows open

and this fan this fan is still on this

yeah probably this isn't heavy

you know I grope - brain could have done

that oh yeah that's so weird

what the crap this is I don't know if

you've seen but like I just decided to

get somewhere else cuz this room

obviously like just is so like crazy

right now

I don't know I'm scared of my own room

right now it's pretty insane

last night I did this thing called the

bath game and it's the the only

challenge that like happens like during

the day

apparently all day today this like

Japanese ghost is following me

but this happened when I was in here

yeah so this doesn't make any sense

whether you got the frickin midnight man

here the freaking Japanese dude in a

bath trying to find you

exactly though this is how I'm not at

this house because I feel like anything

more is just gonna ruin this house I

don't know what this house is nothing's

happened to your room right nothing's

happened to my room specifically but I

still hear noises and stuff all around

the house true that's so weird

I mean I'm glad I caught that as it was

happening I guess but this is an exact

reason as to why I'm not at my own house

like if I'm gonna continue doing these

rituals I gotta like go other places or

just our house is gonna be ruined my

room is already haunted again I'll have

to ask all the roommates that might have

been Aaron that might have been someone

like said oh a prank because literally

everyone's filming in this house so like

I said it could have been somebody else

it could have just been Colby - screwing

with me but I mean he sounded like he he

didn't know what's going on either

anyway I'm out of here I'm gonna go see

what's up with Kat as of right now I

haven't really felt a presence behind me

this is the first thing all day that's

happened so I guess I'll see you later

guys Katrina and I just went to lunch

for some Mexican food and it might be

the Mexican food but you're saying

during lunch that you were feeling well

it's been like at least 24 hours since

we've done like any of the ritual stuff

you were home last night do you have

anything weird to eat last night no it's

just like I can't even eat

did you like see anything feel anything

or whatever I did I did a bath ritual we

were talking about this earlier but I

was doing this ritual last night and

have anything to do with you nothing

sickness I don't know guys I don't

understand this whole like bath game

thing because today what was supposed to

happen was I was feels to feel like

presences behind me

I haven't felt much of that I've only

seen like weird things happen like she

randomly gets sick out of nowhere and

then something weird happens to my room

I feel like something's around but it's

not what I was expecting you know if

there's any yet more weird stuff going

on then I'll let you know all right well

I was just taking Katrina home she

actually really doesn't feel that great

and I feel honestly bad I don't want to

blame it on like all the weird ritual

stuff that I've done but like she really

really hardcore believes in this stuff

so like she really thinks that that's

that could be the answer like why she's

feeling bad but I asked for me as for

today like I said I was gonna carry my

camera around and I was gonna show you

every weird thing that happened today

and I did there just wasn't the stuff

that I expected like the

over-the-shoulder someone always behind

you doing things like it really I don't

I don't think it worked that much for me

I mean like the house is fine like

nothing weird happened in my bathroom

like I don't know honestly I felt better

today than any of the ritual day like in

any of the other weird bad spirits stuff

that's been happening so like maybe tune

work maybe I did it wrong I have no idea

but that being said there was a lot of

other weird stuff that's happening but

maybe I did just do this specific one

wrong and

I know other things especially my other

house in this house have been haunted by

other games so it was just weird and

creepy vibe overall but again I think

these are fun a lot of the times so how

about we get this to 50,000 likes if you

want to see me do another scary game and

if you do like these please subscribe I

know there's a lot of you guys that

watch these scary games but hey we're

gonna watch them every week why not just

subscribe but either way I really hate

that freaking wardrobe that is probably

the scariest thing about this house but

I'll see you guys next time with another

3 a.m. challenge peace