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Rules of Basketball : How to Play Basketball : Basketball Rules for Beginners

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how to play basketball basketball is a

team sport of

up to 15 players with only five allowed

on the court at any time

each team consists of two forwards two

guards and one center player

the basketball game starts with a jump

ball or tip-off

the referee throws the ball into the air

in the center circle

and one player from each team leaps up

and tries to tap the ball away

the game time is split up into four

12-minute quarters

the object of the game is to throw the

ball into the hoop to score points

basketball court the court is divided

into two main sections by the middle

court line

the court is rectangular in shape and

measures 91 feet long by

50 feet wide there's a halfway line in

which the small circle is found in the


this is where the game starts at each

end of the chord

are two baskets both 10 feet in height a

three-point arc is in the outside ring

in the middle of the outside ring is the

key which includes a free throw line

basketball basic rules each team can

have a maximum of 5 players on the court

at a time

teams can substitute players as many

times as they wish throughout the game

players cannot kick the ball players

cannot dribble or hit the ball with

their fist

players cannot double dribble the ball

players cannot hold the ball and stay in

the back court

that contains their basket for more than

8 seconds

players cannot step on a foul line while

free throwing the ball

players cannot step on the end or

sideline while passing the ball to a


players cannot throw the ball out of the

court boundaries

the ball must stay within the boundaries

if the team loses the ball out of bounds

the other team gets control of the


after the ball goes into a team staff

and they win possession back the ball

must then make it back over the half

line within 10 seconds if the ball fails

to do so

then a foul will be called and the ball

will be turned over

dribbling the ball the ball can only be

moved by either dribbling or passing the


the player must dribble the ball with

one hand while moving both feet if at

any time

both hands touch the ball or the player

stops dribbling the player

must only move one foot once a player

puts two hands on the ball

not including catching the ball they

cannot then dribble

or move with the ball and the ball must

be passed or shot

double dribbling once any player has

stopped dribbling they cannot start

another dribble right away

this is called for a double dribbling

violation and in this case

the other team gains control of the ball

a player can only start another dribble

after another player from either team

touches or gains control of the

basketball this is usually after a shot

or pass carrying the ball

the player's hand must be on top of the

ball while dribbling

if they touch the bottom of the ball

while dribbling and continue to dribble

this is called carrying the ball and the

player will lose the ball to the other


back court violation once the attacking

team crosses the half court

they may not go back into the back court

this is called a back court violation

if the defensive team knocks the

basketball into the back court

then the attacking team can recover the

ball legally

traveling if a player takes too many

steps without dribbling the ball is

called traveling

if this happened the ball is then turned

over to the opposition

three in the key a player cannot stay in

the key which is this section

of the court for more than three seconds

this is called

three seconds in the key violation shot

clock violation

once a player has possession of the ball

the player has 24 seconds to shoot

towards the opponent's basket

failing to shoot the ball within 24

seconds results in a shot clock


the ball is then turned over to the


throw it if a team or player violates

any of the rules

the team loses the ball and the ball is

handed over to the opponent team

the opponent team throws in from the

sideline this is called a throw-in

goaltending no player can touch the

basketball while it's traveling downward

towards the basket

or if it's on the rim this is called


after each successful basket the ball is

then turned over to the opposition

charging violation a charge or player

control foul

occurs when a dribbler charges into a

defender who has already established his


this is called charging violation and

the ball is then turned over to the


free throw files committed throughout

the game will be accumulated

and then when reached a certain number

will be eventually awarded as a free

throw the player who's against the foul

was committed

takes the shot unopposed from the free

throw line

the number of free throws will depend on

where the foul was committed

scoring there are three scoring numbers

for basketball players

any basket scored from outside the

three-point arc will result in three

points being scored

baskets scored within the three-point

arc will result in two points being


successful three throws will result in

one point being

scored per free throw how to win a game

the team that scores more points in the

allotted game time will win the game

if the scores are tied at the end then

an extra quarter will be played until a

winner is found


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