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6 String Banjo or Banjitar Introduction and Explanation

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hey guys party Marty your easy guitar

tunes I got a really cool little

intimate I want to introduce to you guys

today it's a six string banjo or some

people call it a band guitar it's a

really really cool instrument I picked

one of these up a couple of years ago

and it's the really fun thing about it

is you can play this like it guitar get

tunes like a guitar it strings like a

guitar but it sounds like a banjo

so there's five string banjo that are

played with your basic the basic banjo

stylings right dadgad or whatever it is

open tuning but this here is tuned

exactly like a guitar and it plays like

a guitar so you would play your G C and

basically all you would do or any other

chord for that matter but you kind of

give it a bit of a banjo


notice from Zoomers you can do anything

you want with it it's very very cool so

it's that or you can do like a Zac Brown



are you some blues plan a banjo they're

relatively inexpensive I picked this one

up for four or five hundred bucks I know

that sounds a little better than

inexpensive but I mean for a really cool

instrument that you want to add if

you're playing with two or three guys

are playing in a band or anything like

that it's a cool instrument and the

reason I made this video was because a

lot of my musician buddies never really

saw one before and I found that very odd

cuz these guys been playing music for a

long time same as me like yeah that's a

really cool olestra mitt so I thought

that would kind of share I know a lot of

you guys know what this is but I thought

I would share with you because it is a

really really cool instrument and a

great addition to any band so again why

have a lot of fun with it's called a

banjo tear or a six string banjo and it

is one of my favorite so I'm gonna be

putting forth a video here very shortly

using this actually the same guitar the

same band guitar I guess that one Rod

Stewart played there in an unplugged

video so somebody's been asking me for a

banjo video for a while so that's what's

coming next anyway so I party Barney

there you go this is one of my well kept

secrets and one of the very very fun

tools that I pull out every time I play

an absolutely loved it so anyway enjoy

the six string banjo banjo term there

you go from party Marty listen get over

my channel I've got all kinds of really

cool easy tunes for you guys to learn

over there mandolin guitar six string

banjo harmonicas you know what it's an

awful lot of fun I try to keep it simple

guys and I really really appreciate all

your questions and comments trust me I

do try to get back to you as soon as I

can I know I'm not as good at that

sometimes but anyway if you like what

you see definitely add a like and

subscribe to my channel I'd really

appreciate it thanks so much from party

weary of YouTube and I hope to see you

guys soon see you later