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How to Play "The Weight" on Guitar - Easy Acoustic, The Band

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hey what's up you guys Marty Schwartz

here with Marty music gonna break down

the band the wait one of my favorite

singalong songs to play with friends and

stuff campfires you know the whole thing

anyway we're gonna break it down

capo 2nd fret also I appreciate you

supporting Marty music especially

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down there you can see right where to go

to it and I really really do appreciate


so let's break it down alright capo 2nd

fret and then we're gonna start with AG


you can play it that way you can play it

that way

and so there's just a few sections of

the song but they all are made up with

the same chords so let's start with the

verse because as a bar chord in it so G

- B minor and so you'd bar the second

fret and play this a minor looking shape

here but if you're still kind of working

out your Barre chords you can play two

three four just strum the top ones or

two three ring finger or four on the D

pinky on for the G

so those are ways to get around the B

minor but it's also great you know great

kind of progression to work on your bar

chords because it's only one bar chord

in the song so G to be minor

and then see so three to open one C back

to G starts over on G so the progression

starts on G and ends on G so



B minor C back to G and so a strumming

pattern I vary the pattern just however

I'm feeling but a way to start as a









so I just played through the whole song

those are all the parts so the take a

load off Annie its take and so it's G D

over F sharp which means you could start

if you're a beginner you could start by

playing a D chord but then eventually

you want to get an f-sharp this second

fret with your thumb crucial bass note

there so

to see


and then again and on that third time

you just go CC

buuut the load put the load right on and

then this little interlude part which

kind of you know it's very similar to

the thing I just taught you but it goes

G D over f-sharp E and so but now e

minor then D regular D no thumb

and then Susie see

and then the whole verse starts over so

let's do it from take a load off Annie

so goes


G G over F sharp C and on the third time

D over F sharp C

see see

now the G de over F sharp E minor so now

let's do it from the verse we'll play

the whole thing together here we go

here's the verse three four


Cheeta B minor C G again


now we do





and to end it you repeat that part

and they do it there's so many verses in

the song that near the end they'll

double up on that but then they go you

think it's gonna end in the guy got it

more more of the story to tell


alright guys thanks so much for watching

the lesson and supporting marty music

feel free to leave your requests in the

comments below thanks again and we'll

see you real soon