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Intro Bamboo Flute Lesson with Dora Wang

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hello citizen music this is all around

and today I'm going to show you

bamboo flute this is bamboo flute it

made by bamboo and there are six holes

fingering for fingering hosts and in the

back there are two songs hole also there

are two holes in here

and there are two holes the first thing

is in blow hole and the second is a film

hole we usually use like a chance

medicine herb it's made by donkey skin

we use it stake the film is very thin

I'd like to show you the first note the

disease gee I'd like to show you this


and the food is usually to play very

fast a song and I'll show you some like

staccato recalls double tongue in flute

we have c d e f G a b-flat this key

flutes when they play very fast song we

usually use D G and a and F and we play

a slower song I usually use C D and a

big G they usually use fake he flute

play some smoothly song




our mouth shape is very like the silver

flute the airspeed when you play low

lows we like to move it slower like and

we'll play the middle parts and I'd like

you to play faster this is the low

and we'll play middle and faster the air

speed and when you play high notes

doesn't like more faster let us know

what you want to learn next like this

video comment and don't forget to