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ANTHEM | Starter Guide - Everything You Need to Know

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hey what's going on guys Eric's here and

welcome to anthem for those of you

jumping into the game for the first time

today I thought it'd be handy to put

together a quick beginner's guide going

over everything you need to know to get

started so if you do find this helpful

it'll likely super appreciated comment

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wrong wrong ittogether now let's begin

anthem is a Loutre shooter set in a

savage untamed sci-fi world unfinished

by the gods humanity survive in small

enclaves and they form these different

groups of factions you play as an

exosuit pilot for a faction known as the

freelancers who after failing to / stop

to a major cataclysmic event known as

the heart of Rage have since fallen

distrust with the public eye so it's up

to you to use from before javelin


and keep the humans of four tosses safe

from the dangers the look beyond the

wolves be them savage beasts ancient

relics of the past or even evil factions

hell-bent on world domination

so how does this all begin well first

things first you're going to need to

choose a javelin once you've worked

through the game's tutorial the kind of

introductory segment you'll then be

presented with the option of either

arranger a colossus a storm or an

interceptor the Ranger is essentially

your all-round DPS weapons platform

they're capable of adapting to most

situations they have a good mix of

defense offense and mobility they're

also the only class that has access to

all four elements frost fire lightning

and acid and they excel at single target

damage so if you are new to the game

wondering where to start the Ranger is a

safe bet the courses is essentially your

tank and AoE DPS they have the most HP

they have a dedicated shield that must

be raised to protect themselves and they

can control the fights by killing

smaller mobs keeping fear threats

aggro'd and bolstering house defenses

they are your powerhouse your iron wall

used to push your team forward in battle

the storm is your CC utility and combo

mage for one of a better comparison

there's slightly more squishy they're a

little less mobile on the ground when

compared to the other classes however

they are able to remain airborne and

hover in battle for longer than any of

the javelin this is where they are most

at home is where they're most

devastating and the elemental attacks

allow them to fill multiple roles so

they're good at spreading debuffs as

well as dishing out devastating damage

and finally the in scepter is

essentially your Mele mobility support

rogue type plus their force mobility and

their chain dashes allow them to avoid

damage all together and then it allows

them to stun look some smaller enemy

threats the idea with this class is that

you get in you dish out high burst

damage and you get out ideally before

you've been hit so Expedia's your thing

this is where you'll start of course as

you progress throughout the campaign you

will be able to unlock all four javelins

so if you decide to pick one and then

later on you want to change your mind

you will be able to encounter them at

different levels but to begin with that

should help you get started the next job

is to understand your path and your

activities when you begin the game you

will work through four tosses you'll

speak to different people they'll give

you quests and you can then head out

into the world and embark on your

journey your main story quests these are

your main missions that will drive the

campaign forward your goal is to restore

the freelancers to their form of

Orion stop the Dominion from taking

control of the anthem of creation and

reshaping the world in their image these

are noted on the map by these double

triangles and if you want to know how to

work the story forward these will be

your core focus however outside of that

you also have agent quests

there are many factions each with their

own goals and agendas and completing

quests from their agents will only

reputation with those factions which

will in turn let you access rewards and

crafting blueprints you also gain

contracts you can see these kind of like

bounties and these are essentially

smaller missions they change every time

you load into them and you can use these

as kind of quick activities if you don't

have too much time and dive in fleet

them get some loot and then come back

another time and if you want to change

your pace a little bit you of course

have free play you can head out at the

open world you can explore to your

heart's content

take part in water events gonna find

chests defeat enemies and basically

everything you do will ultimately lead

to more loops

of course in the process you will begin

gearing up and gearing up is the

foundation of a Loutre tutor as you pay

for the game you will drop from enemies

and chests basically everything you do

will yield loot these look like small

neon pyramids on the ground with diamond

diamonds above them which can be seen

through wolves picking up loot is

incredibly important because this is of

course how you become more powerful your

loot is broken down into your weapons

you have assault rifles marksman rifles

snipers shotguns light machineguns heavy

pistols machine pistols autocannons and

grenade launchers keep in mind that some

javelins can only use certain weapon

types but largely speaking most of those

are accessible to all each javelin also

has two different ability slots think of

these as your special moves they can

range from things like firing rockets

for your shoulders or railguns your

wrist mounted cannons to bringing down a

lightning storm or throwing out shuriken

like waves as the Interceptor on top of

that you'll also have your support slot

which you can then use as an ability to

aid your team in battle keep in mind

that when you are choosing your

abilities while you are ultimately free

to use whatever you want it is worth

noting that some of these do work well

together some moves are known as

detonators some moves known as primers

and if you combine these together you

can create powerful and devastating

combos using a primary ability to apply

some sort of elemental status to your

enemy and then setting that off with a

detonator ability is a great way to deal

with some of the challenges that await

you if you want to know more about

combos you can check the combo video

linked down below outside of your core

abilities you have access to crafting

crafting is another means to progress

your character and obtain more gear

throughout the game crafting requires

blueprints and materials blueprints are

typically obtained via challenges and

via faction loyalty the way that it

essentially works in game is that if you

obtain a weapon by a random drop and you

like that weapon then by continually

using that and completing the challenges

associated with that weapon or that gear

piece you will then unlock blueprints

that allow you to craft that at a higher

level essentially allowing you to carry

that weapon throughout the game with you

this then means that when you head out

into the world and you look for crafting

materials you dismantle eyes which you

don't want you then have a continual

means to create items that are important

to you

now when you want to take things a

little bit slower and you're not out in

the world fighting the threats that away

to you you can of course return to for

Tarsus and speak to the people that

inhabit it and as part of this you'll

also encounter the factions there are

three main factions within four tops the

alchemists the Sentinels and the

freelancers alchemists will give you

access to some cosmetic materials and

sigil blueprints these are once per

mission consumables that can be applied

to the expedition screen in order to

boost your javelins effectiveness

sentinels will give you access to some

more cosmetic materials and javelin

specific component blueprints and

freelancers also give you access to more

cosmetic wear states and universal

component blueprints by speaking to them

completing their missions you raise your

reputation with them so pays to not

necessarily always follow the golden

line but sometimes to take that extra

time to speak to these people do the

tasks that they give you if you're

anyone to make the most of all aspects

of the game isn't that what friends are


absolutely loyalty comes in different

forms sometimes it can be gained by

doing agent missions and contracts for

specific factions participating in world

events in free play getting specific

collectables that further a factions

cause as well as interacting with them

simply around four tosses sometimes

having conversations with people and of

course helping them out in the process

through conversation trees will also see

your reputation increased and then of

course outside of that as you begin to

approach endgame this is where you'll

encounter strongholds higher

difficulties and ultimately the end game

gear chase once you get to endgame your

main priority will be reaching their

level cap using quick play to help out

your fellow freelancers is actually a

really good way to do this once you hit

max level you have access to Grand

Master difficulties

from here it's recommended to run these

three strongholds in order to get as

much epic gear as possible then once you

have the power to take on Grandmaster

one you can start farming the

strongholds in order to try and get hold

of those coveted master work and

legendary items master works and

Legendary's have powerful and

game-changing effects on them so you can

begin to create and theorycraft unique

and very builds that change the way you

play grandmaster two and three require a

full team of well coordinated

complementary builds to complete and

reward yet more master work and less

rude gear as a result so while you will

encounter your first stronghold a bit

earlier in the game ultimately these are

things you'll be doing it towards the

end and then finally for those of you

wondering what is next anthem is an

evolving world without coming content

the world of anthem is ever-changing and

Bioware plans to support the game with

many free content updates as the game

continues is lifespan events called

cataclysms will ravage the land and give

rice new threats and these are things

that we have yet to experience but are

on the horizon so sit tight gear up and

be ready for what's to come thanks for

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