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hey what's up YouTube it is me your girl

norelli I am currently getting ready as

you can tell I have a towel on my head

I've got bit on I am alone in a hotel a

family went down to go eat as you guys

know I am still in Vegas

it is currently five I believe let me

show you guys the beautiful view so

we're coming out and here's the

beautiful view I've got my sucks on here

is the view

so pretty it's pretty late and I'm

starting this blog but I said hey what

the heck why not so today we're going to

find out what's going to be the plans


that was scary honestly being in like a

hotel by yourself is really scary but

nonetheless let's see what we have

planned for today and I will be back

when I'm ready


so I thought I was putting like oil in

my hair because it's pretty dry right

now but no I was and I was actually

putting like this face moisturizer in my

hair so with the my day's going great



hello look no you guys are still eating

oh you don't tell anybody got oh that's

what I heard something this is all

hearing stuff okay yeah

all right guys so I'm finally done

getting ready I'm going to go downstairs

to meet with the fam it was weird

because I literally

thought I heard something in there and

there's literally no one in there we're

going to be going in the elevator



Morelli is getting that

is that not to Chuck's no


what is that

what is it what is it

we're getting food

yes so we are getting food from birth

and their boy doesn't

yeah for the No


she said and they said you guys wanna go

to a strip club or the bar hey what's up

you guys so today we're going to be

playing the the Answer Man and it's

basically eight game it needs to be a

game where we have to call each other in

a circle and it starts from whoever's on

your left miss what happens is you call

the number and you should get a buzzy

sound or like a ringing noise and if you

don't and that means someone doesn't

have it and then someone gets the man

that's amazing so unless the Answer Man

someone picks up and basically you have

to ask any question and then he'll ask

you a question back then you have to

answer it so if you don't answer it then

something happens apparently but you

have to - asking the question and

answering then you have to hang up if he

doesn't leave and he ancestors to buy

you something free or offer you

something for you then you have to hang

up so we're all gonna play the game this

is who's playing so this is Leslie Adria

buddy on the mario and paulina and

myself so let's get started

okay so we are exchanging phone numbers

this copy and no why are you stop you

literally face time to I'm not kidding

it said it was hanging me so I'll show

you guys in a bit but literally I

thought like my brother called me but I

guess he didn't know okay so if they if

somebody picks up I yeah that's one


it's okay look so if someone doesn't get

like that like the busy signal thing

then they're gonna answer and suppose I

say hello so then you gonna have to say

you have to ask a question like just so

straight out the question don't like

think about this have your question I


and then they're gonna answer you and

then they're gonna ask you something

back and they're gonna tell you about

that you have to tell them like the most

honest answer and then apparently if

after that whenever up to they ask you a

question they're gonna try to bribe you

like to give you something but you have

to say with

practices and says this can last as long

as a person waffle in the car is at its

end the person needs to tell the answer

man that he has to go and keeping person

so you have to be like I have to go I

have to go and then it says if that's

her man tries to bribe the college with

free information do not stay on the line

to make up okay so the camera everybody

has an honor he has done so we're all

grabbed above at the same time

okay well basically I all have each

other's numbers here so we're all

calling you to the left side looking

some let's make sure every two guys are

right okay that's Mario's anymore yeah






this time in another time if it doesn't

work then obviously it's not real and

that's around just really answer okay

but then I got the same times like aha

we're supposed to happen like in a boat

answer yeah okay so one so put your

finger I get one too okay

wait home put it on already




so that was the answer man challenge

obviously it was not real it didn't work

we called three times so that was the





so right now she's feeling like we're

just left she started rockin out of

nowhere she's like