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How to Play Powerball Lottery online outside US (in the UK, India, Brazil, Russia, China...)

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how to play us Powerball lottery online

outside USA powerball is the largest

American lottery game up to now and is

offered by 44 states the District of

Columbia where they'll Rico in the US

Virgin Islands

there is no residency requirement to

play and win Powerball as the official

Powerball website states if you legally

purchase a Powerball ticket you can play

the game and you can collect prizes you

do not have to be a citizen or a

resident to play the game players from

all over the world can win the biggest

Powerball lottery jackpots it's true

this video will show you some lucky

players from around the world


lottery ticket messenger services of

which the letter is the oldest and most

established by official Powerball

tickets at licensed resellers for

customers making this legal method for

playing the lottery abroad after

purchasing couriers scans the ticket and

uploaded to an encrypted online account

where it can only be accessed by the

player if the player wins a big prize he

or she flies to the US to personally

collect it basically anyone can play in

USA powerball lotto from any country

outside of United States of America from

any part of the world


my life is only worked I was earning his

low amount I was asking God because I

want to retire I want to stop working I

was so tired as long as I know her she

is always working and trying to do


I started playing three months ago

meaning about my mother my father my son

my daughter that's the way I choose the

number she took the numbers for a reason

so that means that the price was for her

I receive an email and then they call me

twice and then they told me that I am

the winner the confidence don't worry we

take care of everything I was in shock

that's the water wasn't shot and I don't

believe it

well she sent me the test message

telling me that don't worry as soon as

you wake up call me because it was like

4:00 a.m. I mean I mean like are you

okay there you crazy or something

the cycling words on you are crazy so

when I was sure that it was true after

laughing her as well and was very happy

for her and then she told me is - yeah

you have to believe it is - don't worry

people of the Lord come make me trust

that is true I was some winner because I

done believe it I I repeat in the car

are you sure yes you are the winner

don't worry

and she's always thinking about other

people you know I would like to help


that I I know that song neat I would

like to help them all the people have

dreams all the people all of us want to

believe better than we're leaving right


now the life change no more work

thank God for that


do you want to play us Powerball outside

US United Kingdom Canada Australia

Brazil Iraq China Russia India

Philippines Japan Europe South America

Asia Africa and become the next US

Powerball jackpot winner if you say yes

you can check top three best online

lottery sites from