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are you tired of downloading fake

versions the amazing frog do you wish

you could play an official amazing frog

mobile game

well now you can thanks to the official

amazing frog mobile game now you can

enjoy all the amazing frog adventures

straight from the comfort of your own


I mean chair or couch or something not

that you'd be playing on your toilet or

anything not like I do or anything I

mainly played on a chair sometimes on

the couch sometimes on my chair maybe in

my bed before I go to sleep or something

but the point is you can play it

anywhere so what are you waiting for

download the official amazing frog

mobile app today guys the day is finally

here we're playing amazing frog on

mobile guys I can't believe it I can't

believe this day is here dude I

mentioned this in some recent videos

that they were coming out with the

mobile version of the game and it's

finally here they released it on

December 31st 2018 what a great start to

2019 - here we go and I could play it

with like some external controls or

something I'm just gonna use the

touchpad for a day so guys please

forgive me if I don't do a great job or

anything and but we're gonna have to get

use of controls I did do a little

practicing I erased all my save data so

guys were starting from the very

beginning and it's kind of fun like it's

kind of exciting start from the

beginning again - it's been so long it's

been years since we've started from the

very beginning presidential art does it

test another sweater tire Wireless

emergency alerts last summer no action

is needed yet dismiss okay guys first

off are you as excited as I am because

I'm pretty excited if you're excited

space that like button if you're gonna

get the game destroy that like button

and if you want to see more and I like

that like what can I hit the car push my

own shoes

okay get another one okay get used to it

you know we're gonna use the touchpad

but I gotta say guys from the little

amount that practiced oh dude there's no

Santa guy so we got some Christmas

of going on yeah a little I practice it

does seem pretty intuitive let's have

some fun today guys oh man

explored another carp but yeah guys if

you want to see more like I said hit

that like button or leave it in the

comments if you want to see more amazing

frog mobile okay guys hit this

trampoline there we go there we go and

hit it dude

how amazing is this guys we're playing

no pun intended by the way we're playing

amazing frog at mobile it's crazy

it's that it's the actual game now what

day I'm wondering though one thing I'm

wondering like there was like a pocket

mode version in the game and in the

pocket mode version I think like outside

of Swindon was a little different so

dude that's what I want to do but my

main goal for this video

I just want to try stuff out you know I

want to try who do we get the Christmas

trees I just want to try stuff out we

have some fun with the game and I don't

know maybe they will mess with some

sharks maybe we'll find some criminals

or sharks I really don't know like we

might because like I said it feels so

fun just starting over from scratch like

dude we got a lot to do we gotta unlock

the lol ball we gotta get the launch

codes guys we got a lot to do we got to

go to space here we gonna explode things

there's just so much to do okay so case

what do we want to start off with let's

do let's shoot some baskets

you know what leads to a dog you know I

gotta say okay give me a slam dog yeah

it's stuck guys I couldn't even dunk it

in the real game and dunk it it's kind

of tough yeah guys like I said it does

take a little getting used to doing the

touch controls oh really it's so

intuitive you can't use your pretty

quick okay you know what let's see let's

see if I could drive a car let's drive a

car in amazing frog mobile Drupal

driving a car okay so looks like this is

the gas pedal delay

so we got a gas pedal and this must be

yeah that's the brake and the Lord's

work and and what's this Oh does the

handbrake and we can jump it do you

gotta be getting made okay let's let's

hand brake our way into here and break

our way out of here dude there's a snow

man let's run over that snowman run over

that snowman oh I was gonna say would

that be crazy if the latest Christmas

update we're in this I think you're

gonna quote my guys before we get too

far into it I just want to mention if

you are gonna get the game please leave

some reviews on it guys we got to get a

bunch of five-star reviews on this game

just because there's so many fake

versions of the game out there there's

so many fakes and we gotta get the real

version up to the top and hopefully

eventually we can get rid of those fake

versions okay something I want to see is

I want to go into the we're just called

the Frog Corp and when I go in here

okay new app downloaded you just got

this winning citizen points app now you

can track the town's SCP point progress

and the go do guys I'm serious it's been

years since I saw that notification and

since we've collected all the points

guys you remember this dude and if you

guys don't if you're kind of newer to

this series you can go back and check

some my older videos but yeah so the

more things we do the more that meter

goes up so we gotta get to fifty hundred

you know what let's put some stuff away

so when we put like trash away or put

criminals away okay so this is trash

it's a toilet roll and there's a trash

bin right here put it in just like this

okay what do we get two points yeah we

got two points out of 1500 please check

it out on our phone case where two

points so all these things give us more

points rubbish dispose post deliver we

deliver letters and stuff cats rescued

mimes inactive criminals put away

zombies killed hands killed citizens

killed so if we killed citizens on this

negative points oh I wonder if the

pongee mobiles in the game

last time I looked for okay I feel like

last time I look for the puns you won't

be always gone dude dope on G mobile is

in the game I can't believe it we're

driving a bunch of mobile hey guys if

you do play the game please leave some

five star reviews and how much you like

the game it's just gonna help them out

so much are those explosives

thanks closest I know on my fire no fire

rod oh oh um it didn't work okay we just

burned ok guys you don't want to do I

wanna I want to get some guns and attack

those sharks cuz dude those sharks are

just so brutal do you ever the gun

button there's a gun button on top of

one of these buildings and then after we

press it then we can press on our phone

any time we want and activate the guns

so guys we got to get on top of that

building there we go there's a good

balance we got to get on top of that

building and hit that button okay we got

a trampoline right here yes perfect hit

and we're going this way

hit this trampoline guys we're almost

there almost in yes there was a decent


oh one more good balance and we got this

one we're good pounds yes dude get me up

on that building I can't park there we

go dude this is the building so I think

after we hit this button we're gonna get

the gun app new app downloaded gun app

remote control to activate the green

button dude it's been so long it's been

so long since we don't know this

actually this is a really good view this

is a really good view outside to swing

it okay so this is the pocket version we

got windows over there we got an island

over there dude I know we got sharks I

know we got sharks

oh we got the new blimps but I don't

know if there's a Megalodon guys we

might have to check that out okay you

know what

we got a rocket launch right here this

is only neat this should be all we need

okay so that but in the top left

holsters in

guys once we get there I'll show you how

we aim and shoot and stuff okay so how

are we gonna get there guys we need do

we need like a golden cannon to get us

there or something you know what


since the beach isn't that far let's

just see if we can jump it let's see if

we can jump it yes dude here we go the

beach that's actually kind of nice

oh we got jet skis and everything okay

let's do a little ride down to jet skis

let's see how these are on the mobile

version dude this is crazy I still can't

believe what's happening right now can

you believe what's happening right now

I've had so oh brother jet ski and it's

the same controls as the car guys

this is just crazy I just heard from so

many people who have wanted to play a

mobile home all version of the game and

now it's here um here we go push me over

push me over and the arts Erin's little

please don't push me like that okay

there's a green buoy right there I

wonder if this the Megalodon let's check

it out okay let's take it out there's

blood on it it might be a Megalodon dude

is this have a horn - okay so that's the

horn if it did have a horn do you think

this is for a Megalodon I think that's a

regular buoy okay okay so let's just

avoid these sharks keep avoiding oh okay

I think I'm out running over okay maybe

let's check out this island a little bit

turn it down here okay I don't see

anything on here but there's probably

something here okay let's look for a

place to land and let's blows or sharks

blow-ups on the charts okay this seems

like a decent landing spot perfect dude

this is perfect okay

so Wow do we got five sharks do you

think I could get all of them what Oh No

good shot let me have one shot we gotta

make it count don't spread we only have

one shot so you hit this target to aim

and then this other button in the bottom

left to aim down sight dude were about

to shoot five sharks in one shot we

gotta nail this job okay

three two one

cuz we got a lot to do we get all of

them cuz I think we got all the Sharks

in one shot is amazing okay give me that

sharks okay give me that shark sushi

Sarkozy Sarkozy sexy oh no no what did

this guy come from maybe I didn't get

all them get me out of here

oh no okay well he got a little revenge

you know I gotta say even getting eaten

by sharks on this game feels like the

real game that was a good bounce and hit

that car yeah I got a practice I got a

prick I got to practice my car bouncing

okay till this bomb oh that cars about

to explode that guys might explode

gotcha yeah guys let me know in the

comments if you want to see more of this

should we do more mobile amazing frog

and guys if you haven't seen my most

recent amazing frog videos - we got an

amazing Christmas update yeah guys thank

you so much for watching and I'll see

you next time tell me I could grab a

wall okay so let's hit the airlock is

this some kind of simulator oh my

goodness oh dude it's the same one oh

it's got me every kid me he got me