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Alphabet Game - Easy and Fun ABC game

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hi my name's hi my name is Trey my name

is Laura today we're gonna show you a

fun game we like to play and restaurant

hey Doc what's the game would like to

put my walking hey it's the ABC game and

how does it work freeze

well we pick a category it could be

vegetables or a place and we each have

to name one of the categories so we go

around taking turns and if you do say

food in general that's an easy category

but if you do fruit that's a harder one

so depending on Ages we do easy or hard

right yeah okay so let's say we're doing

a category of people's names whoops

a a very every Breanna and - see I'll do

Carl so we just go down the list until

we get to Z X is always a tricky line

and we sometimes stop

we sometimes skip that one but it's a

fun game to keep us entertained and you

like it and it's a also a great way for

them to learn the sounds of letters and

how to identify what words start with

what letters thanks for watching and as

always like our video and subscribe to

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