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Smart Wheel City: Letter Hunt! VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Alphabet Game

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are you ready for smart real city

today's episode is going to be another

challenge game it's called letter hunt

and you guessed it we're going to be

looking to find letters so get ready

because here we go

okay blue car today we have some very

special letters here it's the letters A

to J that's a b c d e f g h i and j and

for today's challenge we're going to

hide all these letters inside smartwheel

city you and all our friends are going

to help us find them so I hope you and

everybody else has brought their very

best finding skills because everybody's

going to need to look really closely

well there'd be a special letter song

too of course

you know I can't resist a song now

let's go look for our first letter I'm

off for the letter hunt we need to find

the Wonder I don't see that anywhere I

just see lots of roads and stuff

it could be anywhere what what you saw

we're like we're on top of the go kart

ramp no there's nothing there wait wait

a second oh there it is

it's the a


we found our first letter I'll show you

where it is it's at the top of the

adventure park whoops

careful there blue car that go-kart run

can get a little bit crazy oh I know

I've done it before okay


whoa that was so fast looks like that

rides not over quite yet I'd better hold

on I'm getting kind of dizzy here turn

it off turn it off

wow that was crazy

maybe we better get back to finding the

next letter right right

I I think it's the letter B that we need

to find next let's find the B okay

everybody get ready we found this so

that's fine it's gonna be way too hard

to find the letter B with all these

buildings around what what you see it

it's by the red ramp where I I didn't

see red ramp oh where where over there

hey it's the letter B we did Oh get that

letter it's down this way time to go

backwards and now forwards and there's

the letter B

great job blue car what letter do we

need to find next why it's the letter C

of course oh right

ABC that's what it is we found now where

can we find it why the start line but

smartwheel C doesn't even have a start

line you mean by the numbers 1 & 2 where

the numbers wanted to oh there they are

there's the C you found it everyone and

now that we both found the letter C I

just have to find some way to get down

there this is gonna be tricky ah here's

the way it's down through this ramp

there we've made it to the letter C then

what letter is gonna be next it's going

to be the letter D we found nuts I'm

sorry guys I guess there just isn't a

letter D after all I've looked

everywhere and I can't see one so I

guess there isn't one inside smartwheel

city you saw one you saw letter D are

you sure cuz cuz I didn't see a letter D

you know I looked all over the place in

the police station in the doorway haha I

told you it was there yeah you sure did

and now that we found the letter D it'll

be time to find the letter e okay you

get driving blue car and the rest of us

will get ready to find that letter we

found it so let's find

well I'm sorry to say our letter hunt is

at an end because there's just no letter

e to be found

wait what you saw it again in the water

you mean it's is it the bottom of the

arrow ramp I I don't see that whoa hey

there it is the letter e you did it


way to go the letter e is going to be

really tricky again be careful blue car

watch out for that drop I think what

I'll do is I'll jump right over the

letter e everybody get ready

whoa you get a blue car and if I can do

that that means we can all find the next

letter the letter F here let me get that

geet out of your way Thanks we found it

I'm ready

so let's go the letter f you say let's

see if we can find that letter well

let's see L could be under something or

maybe behind something or next to

something on top of something where did

you see it you saw it on top of

something on top of what what the fire

station no there's nothing on top of the

fire station I already looked there what

look again there's the letter F I see it

right there great job everyone

now I'll go get that letter



hello there letter F whoops he slid all

the way down a blue car where are you

going with that letter the letter F has

fallen down and so I'm bringing it back

ah good thinking but what letter do we

need to find next after F comes the

letter G that's fine I do not see that G

we just keep going around and around and

I'm getting dizzy where could it be

what under the orange ramp oh that's

really hidden where oh all the way down


oh what a sneaky sneaky spot that G is



Wow that letter was super tricky to find

maybe I can move it somewhere a little

less tricky great idea there it's

working I can see it better already

just get it in a blue circle and I think

that'll do it

okay here goes we found so let's find I


hope the letter H isn't as tricky as

that G let's see where is that each it's

gotta be somewhere is it hiding under

something is it wait a second I think

it's camouflaged there it is

the letter H I'm coming to get that H


careful blue car there's a very steep

drop there I see it but no way around it

so here I come

and so there's your H great now what

letter is next I suppose it's going to

be the eye

so let's find our we want to want to

want to touch the sky all right

we're supposed to be looking for that

letter I where is it hmm

this one I'm gonna get for sure but but

maybe you could help me know what boy

this is gonna be an even bigger drop

hang on here I come

oh you think that was crazy so do i I

can't believe you did the loopty-loop

blue car and now it's time to find the

very last letter and I know what that

last letter is it's going to be the

letter J we found you

so let's find the last blutter oh I'm

gonna find this one for sure everybody

help me

I'm looking I'm looking let's seed

letter J the last water it's gotta be

what what's that you saw it tell me tell

me tell me where is it where is it could

be over this which way it's odd the

umbrella Ziggy what's it doing there you

could have a letter there wow it's the

letter J we did now it's time to get the

very last letter the letter J but how

are you gonna get it when it's way up


oh I have an idea watch you got it down

and now I'll bring it back and we'll be

all done our letter hunt

all right we found better J so now I

letters are here to stay you have helped

us help this helped us save the day so

now it's time for us to expand the

window and go away thanks for watching

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everybody keep imagining