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Easy songs from the 80's to play on the guitar

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hey I'm Chris and I'm teaching free

guitar lessons here free beginner guitar

lessons right at this stage I'm doing

some more songs easy to play songs this

time we're doing the 80s not going to do

this in two parts

first part is going to be acoustic and

the second segment I'm going to do in

the next videos will be electric or and

maybe some hair metal and stuff right

because that's what the 80s was doing

lots of hair metal whoo

alright we're gonna do some acoustic

songs today though popular songs from

the 80s easy to play for beginners strip

down let's rock

okay the first song we're going to do

today for this lesson is uh sweet child

of mine by request by a few requests and

here's what we got

very very simple song actually okay so

we got the beginning part with you know

we're not going to do that riff that's

more for the intermediate but for the

beginners in here what we're going to do

is we're going to we're going to use the

chord structures for the beginning it's

like an intro so if you think of that

riff going on we have the accents once

it kicks in right and that is the D

major chord we want to start with folks

okay so the D major chord so you're

getting it this way

one two three four now what we're going

to do is we're going to move to the C

major chord

and then continue with our count one two

three four we just move to the G major

chord alright now we're going to move

right back where we started to the D

major chord now the thing is it is the

first and last chord in this progression

so don't get mixed up and start right

back into the C the next time through if

you think of the intro this way with the

music in the background I don't know no

no no no no no no then we go to the C

major then we go to the G major

do-do-do-do-do-do-do and then it builds

if you think in the song which we're

muting sing get it kind of a punch just

to make it sound a little more like the

song I'll have some fun with this

alright now it's the same progression

same forming chords back to the D major

again we see the difference in the

strumming away I did at that time all


you can pop it out that way my biggest

suggestion for any song that you want to

do a cover on is do it your own way

here's another way to play that working

we could do it like this too and pick it

got the C major in there a big

now go on to the g-major just I pick it

twice then build on the D again now we

know how to build we know our muting

technique right that we've learned in

previous lessons if you haven't learned

about muting you should probably go back

and check that out I don't know what

lesson it is off top my head but we're

going to be doing some muting in this

lesson alright folks this is going to

bring us into the course the bridge is

basically accenting and building on that

D major chord okay now we're going to go

to three more major chords we're going

to go to the a major

we're going to go to the C major and

then we're going to go back to that

reliable D major that is throughout the

song okay my friends that's the chorus

now mind you slash comes in on that

other part there right good job / and

the rhythm continues through and it's

very very basic alright so we've got

major C major D major and then you can

kind of like

hit that build in there sounds really

cool so again I would just punch these

ones for the course right cuz you kind

of want it you're building to it

a major C major you know check this out

we're on the D major stay there and pick

it up you like that mean walk away

we're just strumming ending on the D

starting on the D the chorus starts on

the a major to the C but ends on the D

and wraps us around again how sweet

child of mine next okay

by request we have the summer of 69 by

Bryan Adams and a couple of requests for

this one as well I used to do cover this

song when I played in the band mr.

machete but we really shredded it up and

change the lyrics a little bit was

really cool okay another song from the

80s fairly straightforward remember the

muting technique I was talking about

again we're gonna use this in this song

it's gonna it's gonna bleed through our

lessons today my friends so here's what

we got we want to get the D major chord

going okay and what we're doing is just

just down picking it just alright so in

muting and picking it that way we're

going to get the whole effect that they

got going on and the next thing we do is

we open those chords up so it is a very

effective to mute that's starting with

the D muting we're going to move next to

the a major those are the two chords

that the verses composed up sing along

with it that's the best way to find

where you are in the song right so we go

through that we got the D major one two

three four five six seven eight one two

three five six seven eight okay now what

happens there is partway through the

verse they just break it open

Strummer no same same key same tempo the

old deal same two chords but we're not

muting it we're going to open it up

that's why it's important to do that

there okay now we're going to go to the

chorus part here my friend so far we've

used the D major chord and the a major

chord very straightforward muting then

opening that sucker up okay sirs we got

now we're going to go to the B chord

that I've taught you guys to play like

this nice and simple in the bar format

okay second fret right here okay so what

I want you to use here is the B major

chord that I've taught you to play the

beginner way just basically a bar chord

on the second fret on the a string okay

now we're just gonna single and we're

gonna go to the a major single then

we're gonna go to the D now we're gonna

bounce to the G alright so we've got

four chords in it so far you're gonna

recognize this part in the song

some seem to lose okay B major a major D

major and then to the G major okay

very straightforward thus far my friends

okay so bridging out of the part that we

just did those were the best days of my

that's where brain out here right and

then stop on the a chord this time so

basically you keep going with

progression we had we're gonna go being

and stop on the a the best days of my

back to the Dean and the a formation for

the chorus part


a little bit of different strumming

pattern there that time through but we

got the same kind of deal that back and

forth like that let's go over what we

did here real quickly the first verse

we're gonna go with the D major chord

okay count it out two one two three four

five six seven eight two two three four

five six seven eight or hum the song in

your head and pop it open same count

all right and then when we go into the

bridge or the course part here kind of

blends together B major a major D strum

these wide-open nice and big and


now we're gonna begin that structure

again those were the best days of my


a major

and we just continue back in the D major

again okay see this strumming and

there's just wide-open strumming and

muting put it together take your time

with it folks a lot of simple major

chords in there it helps if you have a

song in your noggin and again don't be

afraid to play it your own way

use the right chords the right key and

the right notes but strumming a little

bit differently maybe saying a little

bit differently in your own key alright

next alright next up we got a super easy

one holy smokes if you are wanting to

sing and play the guitar this is a great

one to start with you have to be a fan

of the song though I guess this is every

rose has its thorn again not request oh

okay this is very very similar so we're

going to do we're going to try to take

that G chord that we learned in our

beginner lessons what we're going to do

is we're just going to move our ring

finger onto the B string same fret take

our pinky finger and put it on the high

E string same fret so it's just going to

make it a little fuller now the cool

thing about this is that stays an

anchored basically between the two all

you're going to do my friends is take

this this formation right here and bring

it over to the formation of a seat

okay we're just going basically form of

the G to a form of the C in the

intermediate level lessons you'll find

these described and done more in detail

but right now we're still learn how to

play the song so we're starting with the

formation like this

and move it anchoring the other two

all right it's really really simple

formation if you know the song then

you're going to be able to hum right

along with all that now the only thing

we do in the next part of the verse is

you just kind of make it a little

quicker again it could be considered the

bridge but what we're doing is we're



now check it out

next we go one two

all right so we're going from one two

three four one

three now we change it up one two you

can feel a change coming right D major

my friends so the next chord that comes

in is the D major basically the only

three chords except for the very very

near the end of the bridge there but the

main part of it is just this form of the

G the C and then you pop the D in okay

you can feel coming if you know the song

after the sea just go back where you

came from now we got the course

okay so bridging it we're going from the

G form of the C to the D just back to

the C and my friends now we're going

into the chorus part where we say if

rose has its thorn

we know that okay so we've got the same

chords going on here folks and we're

going to use you know the form of the G

the C and the D major some point here so

the best thing for me to show you how to

do this it just play it for and you can

watch me here because you just got to

find the right spot to change with the




D major


hold those cords man make it packed full

hey let's go over this one more time

okay this is the chorus part

the information back to gg2 thus

never ignore the G to the D G

through c/g NOLA gun don't dance it out

haha alright

that was every rose has its thorn my

friends sing along with that one I was

really pretty straightforward dudes just

make sure you get the ring finger in

there on that b string okay and that'll

thicken it up you can use that for many

more songs I can break that down

intermediate next alright this is the

fourth bottle one this was my request I

threw this one in here cuz I really like

the Sun now me stay when I was a little

guy growing up one of my favorite songs

okay uh Jessie's Girl I played this off

the beginning this is actually pretty


um muting techniques we're using here my

friends again um it's just quick it's

not really tricky per se it might give

you a little bit of a challenge right if

you can handle it here we go

justice girl we're starting off we got

the D major now I'm going to show you a

cool way to do the a major chord here

where we're just kind of using a couple

of the strings it's kind of like the

rock way to do it my friends okay so

here's what we got pretty quick huh

we're starting with the D D major one

two now we're going to go instead of

putting all your fingers in here for the

a major I'm just gonna put my finger

flat across I'm gonna try to again I'm

only picking three strings so as long as

you can cover those can even just do it

like that I just think that putting all

that in there at this point really isn't

needed if you want to throw it in there

my friend you go for it check this out

now we're gonna go to the form of the B

chord basically just a barre chord on

the second fret okay a string and D one

two one two one two

that's how I'm doing this now there's a

G in here next right but what I'm going

to do is play the same way I play the B

bar chord format and I'm going to do it

on B third and the fifth on the e

alright great way to do it especially

for muting if you're muting it it's a

really simple way to go which we're

doing one two on the D major one two on

the a major one two on the B major now

this is a G 3rd fret Barre chord on the

E and the a is a G chord okay here's

what we got one two one two one two one

two and we're going to go back to the a

major that we're playing and back to the

D we're kind of cycling the rip is what

I like to call that

leave the be out on the way back d a B G

a G okay and then that's that's

basically the verse right muting my

friends and down picking Metallica love

to down pick this is not Metallica but

same kind of deal there okay my friends

that's the verse okay to put a bridge

between the verse and the chorus where

we say in the name of the song in the

course we're just going to use the a

chord all right now if you want a full

however you want to do that but coming

into that is the a major here's what we

got from the D and then it builds up to

the part where one of the chorus all

we're doing is bouncing I see this is

another reason where you don't I don't

really want to use that full one there

cuz I'm only hitting this a for just a

brief moment so we're gonna go a with

one shot one two three and three on the

D major okay

cool huh we're opening it up you don't

want to mute that the first one you can

if you want now the next part

great practice and bouncing between some

courts here but see how I'm doing this

I'm not putting that full a in there

basically you go a be a that kind of

format back and forth so let's take it

from ad a a and we cycle that we go

through that a few times okay it's kind

of tricky you can do it though

especially if you're a big fan of this

song this is a cool one to GM what I

always fun have fun Jim in this one out

when I'm playing I'm the more popular

side of okay so coming out of that we're

going to a G major don't have to put our

pinkie in on that one we do G major to

the D and then we go G major to the a

fondo it's that part there okay if we're

coming out of it so we got the G major D

major we've got G major an a major now

I'm going to show you where that comes

in I know you're thinking what the heck

so we got here's what we got

okay bridges out comes back around again

like Jesse's girl all right let me jam

back around or we go back to the very

first verse okay let's go over this

again fairly quickly

alright um here's what we got cycle that

riff D major twice a major twice the B

Barre chord on the second twice now

bring it back okay that is the verse

then we're building on the a major like

that or like this now to the chorus

bouncing that cool new little way to do

the rock and roll a just single finger

don't go all the way through you don't

have to do that one on the a three on

the D right and then we're going to

bounce back and forth between this Barre

chord of the B and the a okay so we got

ending on the a starting on the a now to

take that out we go to the G major we're

gonna go

all right G major D major G major a

major that was four songs from the 80s

right there that was not one was Jesse's

girl that was my pick

you got some requests in next we're

gonna do some gonna plug in we're gonna

do some hair metal and stuff

beginner style it was a little bit all

right we did some 80 songs today for

beginners hey free lessons free lessons

good teaching the world how to play

guitar for free am I crazy maybe the

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Elector and we're gonna do some some

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