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i'm gonna add top spin and there's a



guys do you have any idea like what day

today is man

i mean do you have any clue which day

is today i asked all of you guys man


is tuesday so happy tuesday man how

about that now the thing is

i mean how many of you actually fell for

that trap i know that was so childish


cringy but i was like let's try it uh

only once

i'm gonna play in berlin the game is

lagging freezing whatever

i think this is i think this might be

one of those times

i thought i'm gonna lose the first game

of the video but that didn't happen


um i'm gonna go from only three balls


uh he actually i like parted he says

you must be kidding so he's like

surprised that he didn't part the shot

man that was not an

easy shot excuse me like seriously

uh but this is gonna be an easy one by

the way i am trying to like

oh my god that was lucky over there i

didn't like uh

okay i think i'm going to try something

that i've been willing to i'm going to

add top spin and there's

i finally did it man i saw this shot

on snooker gamer's channel and i finally

i okay wait i've done this before but

this is this was the second time man

uh i'm gonna finish this game off i

actually did that shot in practice

offline once before

and now this is the first time i'm gonna

i'm like doing while recording and

showing it to you guys

i missed this shot but i don't care man

that shot was

like out of the planet believe this or

not but it looks like

maybe he's just so okay i thought he's

gonna go for a trick shot himself but no

so i'm gonna like said you play like a

pro just as a

like you know what taunt is this guy


this is not going in by the way if he

does not he has backspin

i don't think so it still is yeah it's

gonna collide this is not the angle by

the way

he would have added like top spin and

then hit that

okay i think double bang shot is away

right now

he thinks i'm stuck


he must be so pissed off like right

before i made the shot he said

in your face meaning that he was one

thousand percent sure that

i'm gonna miss and he says can play

right now man this is how you self troll

yourself man like don't speak too soon


which cue is this man i seriously want

to know guys which q is this guy using

looks like a fortnite skin or something

to be of the the abstract skin

but uh i think he obviously didn't put

anything and uh

now it's only my balls on the table i'm

going to go for a

back shot my cue ball might scratch so

there's a risk in this shot but

let's see what hap bands okay nothing

nothing bad happened

um i'm gonna go for the red ball

and then hopefully

no i thought i'm gonna put the brown

ball but actually

i potted the purple ball so this is why

i didn't say like what i'm gonna do

to not get embarrassed but let's go for

another bank actually

i'm gonna play directly as well in this

video because i think this whole video

i'm playing in direct so

okay okay okay calm down yellow ball

there are you

okay i thought it's going gonna go in

but it didn't so i'm gonna go for a


indirect bank shot

like a boss okay there we go

there we go i don't want to spoil this

amazing game i'm gonna go for the brown


actually this might be the first

direct shot i guess i don't know yet

this is the first drag shot of the video

so i'm going to finish this game finish

this game off i don't want to take any

risks man

this video is going amazing up till now

uh yeah

i will play okay first i'm gonna play

actually shanghai i guess then i will

play paris because you guys

always tell me like which room i've not

played in a while

come on man do the oh my god she's

actually pretty quick and doing the

paper looks like man

yeah she does not put anything um

on the brakes so uh i think uh

yo one more thing uh the the

the burst legendary and the epic thing

is coming man i'm waiting like i know

the update got delayed

but uh yeah as soon as it's gonna come

out man i'm gonna upload the video so

be sure to click the first link in the

description man and subscribe to the

other channel i'm gonna go for

actually a double bank shot this might

be risky

because i can only go for this i'm

striped right now so i'm going to go for

the top

left pocket guys uh at that top pin

let's see what happens

okay don't go in it will go in i know


i know that was a good shot but we were

like unlucky there i didn't know this is

gonna happen but

this is the only possible thing so okay

no problem brother i mean if you if you

don't want to plot

any balls that's completely fine with me

even though i'm gonna play like

uh paris kind of this is one more patch

for paris man because you guys tell me

i've told you guys many times that


i don't play on a table like for a very

long time you guys just remind me

and i've been reading comments like

saying please play in paris it's been a

long time so i'm gonna go for a bank


so i thought again i'm gonna put my

cue ball but it didn't happen and i'm

gonna go for another

diet shot this time and then uh let's

see let's see where my actually cue ball

ends up

i'm actually not so sure so i'm gonna

add right spin

and okay i think i'm i gotta pot my

i get up my green ball right i'm

actually gonna go for a long bank shot

in the bottom left

this is gonna be crazy

i told you guys oh yeah another problem

is i'm against stuck

uh i think there's a gap between the

orange and the black oh

okay these things

why did he leave the game you just

spoiled my like double and dark bang

shot man you should not leave the game

like that he said sorry he can't play

right now

i'm playing against gary i guess usually

it's gary but it's

gary this time so uh i

i wait wait i bought one two three i

bought five balls

look at how empty the table is looking

man like seriously

three of them are stripes so i'm gonna

go for solids

yo i really like this break happens like

seriously once in probably two months or


at least with me like you know it's a

special occasion or something when this


i think the brown is like slightly going

in over there

uh so i'm gonna go for this blue i'm not

i'm not gonna like i

have to put this game in the video man

this break sensational stuff okay so i'm

not gonna lose the game at least this


i think i'm going to go for the brown

after this ball uh yeah this shot

and then i'm going to try to make a

position for the red ball and then


i i'm thinking to go for a bag on

the red ball but the thing is

if i'm gonna hit the shot with a lot of

force maybe

okay it didn't okay i thought my it

won't go in if i'm gonna

you know with a lot of floors so uh

i'm gonna go for this and directly

actually the reason is


now i'm gonna go for the black ball in

the same pocket okay in the top right

now this is surely gonna go in okay

absolutely fantastic this is how we come

to paris

and we you know roll the dice over here


i played four eight ball pool matches

right so a nine ball pool

must be a bit upset

don't go for the golden break man okay

he actually filled the golden break he

was trying to like

you know win um the match by just doing

the golden break

uh i'm actually i'm gonna talk about the


absolutely fantastic

okay i thought the blue is gonna go in

but it was like slightly you know slower

than expected so now i'm gonna put the

blue ball

there we go kind of messed up but i

actually like realized i think before

making the shot that something bad is

gonna happen

i can't pop this though i don't know

what's gonna happen after this now i

cannot control my

cue ball okay i think it's going to be a

bank shot on the red ball yes it's going

to be a bank shot in the red ball in the

top right pocket

then again i see when you go for bank

shots then controlling this

cue ball is a bit more difficult so i

hope so

okay yes i can put the purple uh but i'm

not gonna part in the top right i'm

gonna put in the top

left by going for

what we call an atm shot

okay you know previously like in the

days i

used to say bank shots atm shots just


for fun you know like bank atm but i

think i'm again

see in this video i think i've rarely

you know gone for a dive shot it's

because like naturally my cue ball is

making the angle so

it's not my mistake man i'm sorry uh i

gotta go for the green ball i don't know

i think it's going in yeah if i'm gonna

head backspin it will go in okay yes now

i'm gonna go for a direct shot

and then a bank shot on the nine but yes

this game is finished hopefully

but i hope so i don't mess up man it's

gonna be super bad like this is one of

the best videos up till now like

minimal mistakes okay

okay yes that was smooth and i'm gonna

win this thing hopefully

yeah man now basically man thank you so

much for every single thing i know

i'm saying this a lot but you know the

daily upload thing is i think

amazing considering like you guys are

happy hi man

it's not even a stress when i have free

time previously because of my exams

in my college i didn't have free time so

it was a stress like uploading every

single day

or floating like once in two days but

now it's like super fun

it's super fun like talking to you guys

every single day and then reading the

comments so

yeah be sure man to drop a comment never

think your comment is gonna get unread

even if it's a bad comment or whatever

type of comment it's gonna be

red okay now i'm gonna see you guys in

the next video

hope i mean not hopefully but i think

definitely tomorrow okay

so if you guys did enjoy this

video man drop a like and i'm gonna see

you guys in the next one