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How to Play 8 Ball Pool Game in iMessage in iOS 14, Cheats, Shots, Game Settings and Tips (2021)

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now we can play 8 ball pool or 9 ball

pool game in iMessage here in this video

I'm gonna show you how to play 8 ball

pool in iMessage iPhone messages app

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first download game pledge in game app

on iPhone from the App Store and install


now you can open gamefish in games

within a message app drawer and send the

first request that invites to play pool

game on message turn-by-turn select head

ball pool game and tap on view upper

arrow icon to send it


here I have two iPhone and both iphone

has iMessage turned on open message

conversation and scroll to the right to

find the game pigeon



a just eight ball pool stick on target

and push back the striker and leave to

get shot on the ball get a second chance

if you got successfully pass a ball to

pool hall




also find the important setting to

change your game profile and music



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