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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User (Part 01)

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oh my god

we put it out ha ha ha [ __ ] ok this took

some setting up and some MIDI bought

pack [ __ ] had to go down

it's an old-ass RPG maker game but

nonetheless I'm told that this is the

best jojo's bizarre adventure game

currently out there even though it's a

fan game and it's unofficial it's better

than anything official that's ever been

put out I'm excited because I've been on

things accidentally tone your life yeah

yeah this is 2014 and this covers as far

as I understand parts one through six

slight references to seven no Joe Joe

Leon so no worries about that by the way

what would you like to be called Oh what

it reference to all of this LP purpose

is multiplying in one type of spying it

then will be going with Volta I'm joined

here with Volta bass hey guys the

animation God himself

all done and most importantly the friend

in Montreal that knows the most about

Jojo outside of me you're the only other

one in the city that knows man yeah I'm

like everyone's like what what is that

what is it hello

so I appreciate you joining me on this

ride as we play the 7th stand user it's

fine and I'm excited to to do it now

we've got a little bit of research into

this game and we had to exactly we had

to hear from everybody what we were in

for a lot of people have been have been

whispering whispering for a while now

yo-yo play the seven stand user cowards

and I've been waiting on this because

the way you could know the way you know

I planned this out is that intro ok that

intro by mom has been sitting there

since a year and a half ago so this has

been in the works on the boilerplate for

a long time coming now and the

opportunity is finding flit ba ba ba ba

ba finally presented itself

first things first what we do know about

this game it has multiple endings like

30 and there are multiple pathways

multiple new game pluses and some

features are only unlocked on new game

plus 30

that being said that understood we

obviously will not be able to be

completing this hundred-percent because

of the nature of how it seemed this

game's content is I think one play turns

you're gonna have any okay yeah I think

we're gonna do the best we can with it

within that one playthrough there's

still lots of secrets and things that

we're gonna try and figure out and

whatnot but ultimately this game is so

chock-full of content that for those of

you who know it inside out bear with us

cuz I promise you what I'm going to fail

we're probably gonna upset you in some

places because just keep doing the

research this is for those who don't

know this is a full RPG in the Pokemon

style yes taking place in the Joe Joe

world and there's so much to get in so

much them isn't so many pathways he'll

just the way you start out with your

stand is a little bit of a dice roll

yeah a personality test so we're gonna

see what happens but for the purposes of

LPS we're gonna be like let's try to

make this work but also I'm down for fun

or you know your point absolutely if

we're going to try to get a understand

in the Sun generator it has a little bit

of ntr so okay I'm like you're gonna get

something weird at the beginning we've

got a little bit of research we're

coming in with some idea of what what a

Volta I'm gonna rely on you because you

said you looked into how this thing

works well the first thing we're going

to we are just going to answer the

question yeah they're gonna get whatever

we get what is too shitty I had like

turbo stats while just going to the to

cheat the actual first thing we're gonna

do is listen to an explanation from

speed or pin wanna game controls

displace take place during the events of

Stardust Crusaders you joined the


as the seventh adventure hand-picked by

state it's so weird that he knows that

anything that you know your

super yeah like why are you and what you

this is not your [ __ ] boys talking

this is got your deal Speedwagon this

ain't your show bud the foundation

exists now however he's yeah he's got

the legacy after Unger undergoing a

personality test who the cast is one of

the 18 original characters sure created

just for this game the [ __ ] 8 next to

controls action key cancel open menu

okay yeah perfect lab pilot a controller

full screen and windowed mode yes

we've become intimately familiar with

the fees for full screen ads OA shift us

to power on the radio that's very

important he knows everything he's just

like under he's working it then save

it's awesome reboot he knows it could

easily be that is RPG recommend you

understand I take

all right no no that's a lot fail yeah

no that was it okay and now we can learn

about the protagonist stance one of

eighteen different stands created for

the game it can change the course of

various events and influence how its

unfolding yes they are the substance of

raw strength weaker stands can trigger

sub events that will make your journey

easier by weakening bosses or unlocking

new abilities and items weaker stands

like the one that sticks on your back

yeah I'm cute because tiny useless hey

you want to play the game where we

forget the names of stands and that's

out for part three I don't really know

parkour well and yeah it's gonna happen

what's the what's the deal with them

anyway or don't you think

[ __ ] cheese yeah cheap trick yeah but

for part three I'm gonna be ten you can

forget Mary you're gonna be testing each

other's knowledge and guess what we're

both gonna fail yeah absolutely true

Jojo - you're over 80 ml yo you

understand so sorry X forest I know you

know every time we judge the badges of

honor when you complete a particular

difficult or tedious event that like

only calls it a tedious event easily

until you as many useful effects but if

you save them for the end of the game

you can trade them in for special bonus

content yes by completing new game

plusses there's extra bonus content you

get so literally the game incentivizes

you to beat it multiple times and

collect these literal achieve owes that

you trade in for bonus content for sure

endings let me pull out a quick sample

if for buying the games you get a piece

of equipment if you are reducing it for

new game+ and it totally sees you

without she's like oh it looks like your

coal here you go here's a blanket


you get new like new equipment you are

using remaining parts of the game so

yeah I really like I can't emphasize in

doing and taking a cursory glance and

even just looking through the the best

friend subreddit talking about the this

up a couple of threads the pop up over

the years like there's so much miscible

[ __ ] and there's so many pathways and

diverging things in this game so like

we're gonna do we're gonna see what we

can but I'm not holding myself to any

kind of expectation to catch let me get

to what for made by one single person

yeah but of course it was and not you

not Japan not too bad no okay but what

it was we absolutely made by one person

I heard that there's a sequel already in

the works holy [ __ ] during the course of

your journey you can engage in all kinds

of activities with your party members by

spending time with them you can unlock

special events and items trigger these

events your friendship points will

increase frame higher friendship points

will alter the dialogue during some

events you can even affect how the game

will end we need to fill out a Franco s

links yeah confidence you understand I

take it I understand opens again this

opportunity but I know that Darby's in

it though so don't worry about it by the

way it looks like did it out as I'm

playing like yeah that's what difficulty

level you prefer you know it it's true a

lot of for a lot of people like

Speedwagon is actually like oh you're a

chop mate whatever with the British and

they say but I'm just going pure [ __ ]

sub voice little speed one gone

what a [ __ ] tall hey what is the

difference I guess normal easy mode

you've got a bonus of a thousand eggs

for me ten thousand at G and extra

recovery items however each party member

will lose ten friendship points normal

is default the way was designed to be

played and in hard mode will lose ten

friendship points start with lower stats

and enemies will have that attack

patterns unique to this difficulty Laura

stats stronger enemies lower friendships

levels make a severe play for the test

you got a punishing you for playing nice

that is blue towel

let's just play on normal yeah yesterday

normal which reminds me

would you like to watch the prologue yes

let's do it let's do it oh boy what do

we eat for we found some good [ __ ] Volta

do this hurry up and open it yeah we

pulled you know to be fair like I had

every last one what's going on around

them if you pull a coffin out of the

ground every wouldn't but you're like

there's millions of dollars of jewelry

inside right or some kind of ancient gem

that's probably worth it I just have

picked it on the big button

grab a blowtorch all right time to bust

this thing open

oh geez something writing on the side I

Oh what do must be the company that made

the chest now open it already

oh yeah a deal company deal corporations

got it

finally the heroes the original heroes

that fought da thank you thank you for

saving the war you want to take the

first one hey can I try it

that's way there I wasn't in this recon

team b-12 [ __ ] fast forward to play

through be like what you didn't see you

know then you're ending with the credits

are all like like no no ending a

completed playthrough B starts now yo

this your numbers 12 some [ __ ] up [ __ ]

just happened then we seen [ __ ]

bodies all over this boat New Game+

let's go this is this is recon from TN

guys there's no trails up the crew oh we

found this an empty container that was

left on deck seems to been forced open

with and you wanna chew us ethylene

storage how do they know what's your

salt and what how do they know I mean I

guess eat the way the bird marks look no

clues to the whereabouts of is 400 cents

we're requesting at a search team will

have being nights relevant okay beep

jeez talk about bizarre yeah

no no they game children then you think

of all this chest is made of reinforced

steel so whatever has had to be there

that's all does he nice rifle refers to

a man we're talking about investigators

in jo-jo world they are just looking at

it okay maybe they have a stand these

are these like Batman who knows yeah I

mean I had quite frankly like the world

of what do you want to call it the Iraqi

verse lucky land rocky I could I like

Holly get lucky land you know why

lucky leg communications Oh

okay okay yeah yeah the world of lucky

land has the most ridiculous types of

people anyway so I clean a shell start

all over the top so I okay I get it

maybe it's still on the ship but hey

look they see is still evil what's going

on it's been like two weeks

where'd you disappear to come on it's

getting dark out also did you see that

monkey in the cage back there maybe

that's going to play out in the future

it's the same whoa hey wait the base

this is nice oh yeah sweet and I like

how the IE a little arrow would continue

good job

you know what I want to actually can we

confirm the name of the talented

[ __ ]

yeah Nando te riku oh oh you're sweating

right water so you say yeah what a crazy

amazing town just zero man oh my god

it's like pixel all over again

yeah the only reason is because when I

was researching the game somebody was

like I'm almost done with the

translation right okay all right so then

though the god and a big gun hockey is

by Kenji that's the music and okay a

couple other folks with pixel art work

16 dot yeah this would be systems are

some different cookbooks and the

translation by mod dude who will be so

crazy to make such a big team by



my only daughter no blinds across the

entire earth in 24 hours if I hat 250

days dude yeah yeah yeah exactly

how's mama she threw a fit she didn't

know I was cheating on her while I was

[ __ ] late no I was late jackhammer

I'm a Nigerian Wario to must free them

yeah I was [ __ ] runnin a hermit purple

up in Mario Joe [ __ ] he was like 50

when the hopping pompadour baby's coming

out son that's what's happening oh my

god you piece of [ __ ] Joseph you know

what you know what both in this

playthrough take a while a username

because oh my god we should probably I

hope but you know what let's get the

intro to tell people by the way warning

spoilers for parts one through six you

know oh absolutely where are you just

going to talk about everything with her

[ __ ] she threw a fit but I told her it

was top secret Joestar company business

Joseph can't do thank you for whatever

Oh like a pop-up hey knock it off all

you don't wanna I've got the chance to

cuddle with you and ages yeah yeah yeah

a little bit a little bit

do you realize how that sounds coming

from a 45 year old woman suddenly super

funny because I he was saying that he

realize only because she wasn't like a

stereotypical yeah actor like you always

makes it like every single ISA ago that

police ELISA and Joey a hundred percent

quite frankly like

I feel like memorial complex dude

well that's why I listen that's why

they're my favorite but then part six

also has like way other bad more badass

like not typical Womanism yes I'm Paris

Adam Green dolphins your prison man

yeah part seven the two is well part 4

part 7 oh I know she steals free like

all right definitely what are you

looking at

we help you with your luggage now then

Holly about Joseph always [ __ ] are you

sure he mentioned an evil spirit I can't

believe it my jonesboro it's all true

but no one else get in the room could

see it but I could another arm besides

his own and that gun nobody else could

see it but you thought he did the same

thing before they they went yeah he did

the test he is tall I going to ice and

everything guys were like [ __ ] it

hey mom you want to see some cool [ __ ]

what have you been experiencing me

things similarly unusual would you call

it bizarre are you dying my daughter

no nothing like that ok listen fever ah

fine do you feel fines wrapping up and

swirling around your body in a beautiful

rose like form it's not like at the tour

down there yeah we just say would you

say your cell you're falling into

distress of some sort

no no nothing like that but listen

listen like my son my little boy you

will be pardoned if you won't leave a

cell till he figures out the cause of

all this what am I gonna do

no no darling no no justice joestar's

here to save the day there's no cause

for alarm

ah I'm a cheating piece of [ __ ] nothin

I'd like to meet with Joe Thoreau face

to face but she was so hard dude Oh

others apt all she was pretty high my my

wifey soul so be fair to be fair to be

fair Joe still gets mommy's pretty


I'm not gonna lie and she's also a

badass he looks like just talk about she

[ __ ] curb-stomped that dude in his car

was a glass right because I ain't

how's it going same coming closer do I

not want those she's kind of a beast I

can't believe it sent us some more

things are in the south and they weren't

before possessed by something terrible

whatever it is it's violent I also his

hat and his hair in this panel looked

completely different from the way they

do in the future

he's completely nurse we he's had what's

going on yeah if you check out the art

in the first shot things look better for

it yeah yeah they don't buds what this

will be alright in a heartbeat don't

worry I'll handle like I'm the like

grandson he's just a Rhodes grandpa

grandpa's here to help you please come

home come on let me piss off

and it asked you to come in here you

want to help me what makes you think you

can do that sorry I had to come all this

way from New York but I'm not leaving

Jotaro brandish that left pinky finger

of Joseph possibly an [ __ ] to prove

that an ass that goes what did he take

that let me break this offensive

prosthetic a super-expensive see that

you finally get it this is my evil

spirit don't come any closer

unless you want to cut short what little

time you have left pull one dashi I know

it's all true but I know all about the

true nature of that evil spirit of yours

Joe sorrow and you even before I came

here I'll cover this little mystery for

him right now

but I won't do to simply explain it he's

to feel it with his own body the only

way to protect him from the daggers yet

to come oh you can feel Eric if

struggling to explain what I've done is

right now yeah yes yeah when he was

trying to - wait hold on I'm sorry hold

on I misread dangers as daggers never

dagger what