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How to Play Defensive Midfielder! | AllTactics

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what's up guys today we are back with

more tactics and this time we're looking

at the central defensive midfielder or

CDM you're watching all tactics

first let's talk about the basic

positioning of a CDM the term central

defensive midfielder or CDM typically

refers to the deepest midfielder on the

pitch a classic example of a CDM

astareal busquets of Barcelona Shariah

Busquets plays a traditional CDM role

occupying the back of the midfield for


in a 4-3-3 as seen here the CDM is

accompanied by two other midfielders who

play a more attacking role in this

formation the CDM protects the defense

helps maintain possession and starts

attacking plays because defensive

midfielders play multiple roles they

must have excellent passing skills in

addition to their defensive capabilities

now that we understand the basic

positioning of a defensive midfielder

let's talk about how CDM move to receive

the ball on the pitch to be an effective

defensive midfielder you must make it

easy for your defenders to pass you the


that means being aware of the gaps

between the opposition's midfield and

attack moving horizontally and

diagonally into these spaces to receive

the ball

once you receive the ball from the

defense it's important to make a good

decision though see the M's play a key

defensive role your first choice when

receiving the ball should be to create a

goalscoring opportunity that means you

should be looking upfield for teammates

making runs then delivering long driven

passes to get them in on goal however

long passes often end in the loss of

possession so be sure your teammates

have a great goal scoring opportunity

before attempting passes

the majority of the time there won't be

an opportunity to play along through

balls your second choice should be to

deliver the ball to a teammate who has

the best opportunity to move the attack

forward so whether you pass 10 yards

away or switch the ball to the other

side of the field make sure you find a

teammate with open space to move the

attack forward

your final choice should be to pass

backward when your team is under heavy

defensive pressure and there are no

opportunities for your team to move

forward keep possession by passing the

ball backward playing a safe back pass

ensures your team maintains possession

and prevents opponents from getting the

ball in dangerous areas all right guys

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