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How To Play The 5-String Banjo by Pete Seeger

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I same tune for the cross be done with a

style called frailing where you bang

down the back your fingernail some

people call it claw hammer because they

will use the middle finger perhaps for

the first string in the and the back of

the index finger for the lower strings


well this is a fifth string and instead

of being up the octave it's just at the

six one two three four five six

like lady gay we got a gang of Sopranos

to start off and then all the other

women take the second part and all the

men take the third part and we end The

Sopranos end of the high note and they

all end up in the low note it is great

and we go a little bit little passionate

I would tell them keep your feet meeting

steady otherwise all these syncopations

can confuse you you've got three fingers

sometimes the two fingers sometimes

typical Scruggs pattern right


you got to walk that lonesome Valley you

got to walk if I sell it and walk it boy