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5 Second Rule Game

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hey guys it's Mike and we've got a game

today called five-second rule it has

nothing to do with eating food off the

floor so we do need to they play monster

for sending this game to us this is your

timer so when all the vegans reach down

this week five seconds so from the time

they go from the top to the bottom it's

like a five-second go five seconds to

answer questions I have one of those

sticks when I was a kid do you got to

point out this is a three or more player

game obviously there's only two of us so

we're gonna tweak the rules a little bit

so we can play this right and it really

is not gonna change the game well yeah

it's either you or I yes not like in

third person

okay so let's see five seconds to name

three things like for example name three

Mexican restaurant Oh count I talk about

teal and flats Mo's pink yeah my card my

point okay so then Michael teaches can

we do B yeah can they still are not

exist okay so if Michael was only able

to guess like one or two then I can like

steal his points by naming three

different yeah so if he says Taco Bell

but then he couldn't think of any others

I can't use Taco Bell so I gotta come up

with three of my own if I don't come up

with any then enough if I don't come up

with three different ones that Michael

gets the point by default so now these

are the rules you would play when you

have more than three players also and


we decided we you have a predetermined

amount of rounds that you want to play

we've decided we're gonna play five

rounds and whoever has the most cards at

the end it's Z winner you want to go

first do you want me to go first I want

you to go first I'm a little nervous so

you do the card and you do the flipper

so covers read okay

so named way tree yeah because you got

to say the question and kind of turn at

the same time right

or are you gonna read the question then

turn no I'm gonna turn it and see okay

so easy

name three cereal Cocoa Krispies Sugar

Puffs Lucky Charms

wait a minute are these double-sided is

there no easy side the heart no I'd draw

discard no two sides of the cards

there's yellow hold the phone no card

games no you read the directions I just

started drawing from do you really want

to get hard name three boat

manufacturers okay it didn't say now

name three ACC universities North

Carolina Virginia

so no South Carolina are the SEC no but

the yellow side is new I just like easy

okay well no that's my serial theme

three cards will go will go with the

yellow side though we're doing it will

make it easy for you okay

name three college mascots oh that's not

fair you're totally gonna beat me no


Minnesota gopher Wisconsin Badger Sparty

from Michigan State Gaby no I'm not name

three perennial flowers

sunflower I mean how do you even know if

I'm right cuz I don't know what really

know and I'm worried about like I'm

gonna be wrong / Anil so okay perennial

is once again no annuals once a year

perennials junipers I don't even know

okay so I get a point by default I am no

wait yeah okay smokin me name three

kinds of fish wait what I started a

little soon name three kinds of fish

that bad name three oh come on

name three men's professional basketball

teams Lakers Clippers pistons that's

four for me okay

oh we didn't even determine it that's

five rounds I got ya I got four I'm

gonna even pass on that one for you I'm

gonna try to help you out a little bit

here oh okay

he's starting to dumb it down bro name

three child stars three child stars

Michael Jackson was Ricky Schroder darn

I couldn't think we that questions been

in another game before is like we can't

think of the kid kid actors okay are we

just saying keep going yeah I've only

got four uh-huh unless I'm probably done

here Nate no you will be named three

ways to say

warm in winter gloves hat scarf dress

warm build a fire you wanna keep going

are you gonna quit I'm such a terrible

like decisions will do wasn't last done

for you

name three female athletes Venus

Williams Serena Williams I probably

wouldn't have done that

who are those girls that we watch play

volleyball all the time my goodness

Jerry Walsh

yeah and Misty Trainor seem a trainer I

mean come on I was thinking yes Mary Lou

Retton yeah that's a hard one I can't um

I don't big 12 universities yep I would

have got that one if it's like a manual

flowers it's like a mom thing I'd be

like okay boom no who's this Big East

University's dances professional hockey

players TV moms well this game was

useless knowledge in sports he comes to

sports yeah I'm totally this is totally

your game you know what we need to do we

need to play this with other people and

you and I are a team and you can all

float okay yeah we'll have to do do a

head-to-head against like you know like

all that useless information and I'm

just kind of like that's not that

useless I and we have this nifty little

toy to play with now a 5 second timer 5

seconds too fast

I need like 10

honey there you go very good seconds to

think about it

Oh give me a little bit more time I can

come up with something okay so there is

the king five-second rule just spit it

out spit it out so big country and

subscribe bye