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How to play ship captain crew dice game

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hey everybody today I'm going to be

showing you how to plan a dice game

called ship captain crew or it's

commonly known as ship of fools or six

five four this is a really fun game to

play while camping or with your buddies

are at the bar whatever you want to

really easy game to learn all you need

to play is five dice and at least two

people but it is more fun in a group of

four or five the object of this game is

a row of six five four with three dice

in descending order and then your two

remaining dice you're trying to get the

highest score possible which of course

could be twelve your six is your ship

your five is your captain your four is

your crew and your two remaining dice

that you're trying to get the high score

with are known as your cargo so let's

just do a mock run here and we'll show

you how it works each person gets three

rolls of the dice so right here so as

you can see on this roll we have a five

a four and three ones now we've got our

captain and our crew but we don't have

our ship so we can't set these two dice

to the side

we need that six we need that so

we'll have to roll again so now as you

can see we've got two ships and the crew

but we have no captain so we can put the

ship to the side and hopefully on our

last roll we get a captain and the crew

but it's important to remember that you

need the six five four in that order I

can't put this guy to the side so we'll

roll again this will be our last roll

and once again we got snake and we

didn't get our captain so our score for

that round would be zero so the dice

would go to the next person and they

would try to do six five four so let's

just do another one just for just for

fun so you get it and of course a bunch

of cruise but no ship or captain so

we'll go again

we got the ship and the crew but no

captain we our last one and of course we

got nothing but the object of the game

as I said is get the ship the captain

and the crew in that order and of course

you want the highest score with your

cargo so for example let's just say I

did roll that on my first roll this is

what I rolled and I have four and I'm

the first person at a table of four so

I've set the score at four now I've got

two rolls left

but I can try and get higher than this

so let's just roll them and see what we

get so I've got nine

that was my second roll so I've got one

more roll to get a higher score than

nine but if I roll lower than nine let's

just say I rolled a 2 and a 1 and out of

three I would have to stick with that

three and then I would be done and the

rest of the table would try and beat my

three but I've got a nine so I would

keep that and see if the rest of the

table could beat it and of course if

there was a tie well then you would just

roll again now you can play this with

pennies quarters poker chips or it's

usually played at a bar and it's the

drinking game so whoever the losers are

at the table they all have to take a

shot or drink but really simple game

really fun to play really easy to learn

so if you have any questions comments

leave them below but other than that

thanks for watching and go play some