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The 4-3-3 Formation / Strengths And Weaknesses / Football Basics Explained

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hello there everyone

it is Mitsu here and welcome back to a

new video on my channel as you guys

watered for the 43 on the previous video

of this series today we will be

explaining the strengths and weaknesses

of the 4-3-3 formation just like the

previous video I'll be explaining the

type of flares you need to perfectly

apply this formation and then I will

discuss its strengths and weaknesses

while displaying some in-game analysis

to get a better idea of the topic so

with that being said let's get right

into it so the 4-3-3 formation has

different types some I played with an

attacking midfielder some MyPlate with a

defensive midfielder and some I pledge

with a flat midfield line anyway

whatever way you choose it's better to

have three different types of players in

the midfield so you need to have a

defensive midfielder a box-to-box

midfielder and an attacking midfielder

back to the defensive line and just like

any back line in any formation it's

better to have one defender Hoka carry

the ball out on the pressure and the

other one who can play accurate long

passes in this formation you need all

your midfielders to have good ball

control all of them must be able to not

only play under pressure but they need

to be able to create and play good

passes to move the attack forward now to

the attacking line you would see some 43

formations with narrow forward lines and

the others with a wide one I prefer the

white one since it serves the purpose of

this formation more so you need to have

to pass a wingers with this formation

you don't need to have good defensive

awareness and cover it from your

wrinkles it's always better to have but

if it's not available you will still be

able to get the best out of this

formation and at the end you need a

normal number 9 so now let's move to the

strengths and weaknesses of this


the first obvious trend of the 43 is its

triangular shape it creates a lot of

passing options and links between

literally all the players are on the

pitch which speeds up the pace of audio

text and allows your players to play

quick short passes to counter any type

of high pressure if used against your

team especially in the material if your

midfielders have good chemistry

they will boss the midfield another

thing about this formation is that it

allows your team to apply very good high

pressure as you can see because of how

the front three are positioned they will

be able to apply high pressure without

the need of moving away from positions

this is a very important point while

pressing as it keeps your team a little

bit safer if the opposition's break

through your pressure also you can see

how midfielders would support in this

person without leaving their positions

to this formation also allows you to

change your style depending on the

striker you have so if you have a tall

and less agile striker he would serve as

a station and your wingers might just

drift in a little bit get closer to him

and win second bulls also you would ask

him to get the opposition's attention

and leave spaces for other players such

as the attacking midfielder or a winger

if your striker is a target man and

stays inside the penalty area your team

would depend on crosses and through

passes from the attacking midfielder you

can also notice that this formation will

allow you to have many players in every

section of the pitch so for example if

you are playing against a team using

zonal system the width of this formation

would help you break the system I've

made a video explaining the zonal system

before you can watch that for more

details anyway you can work on

stretching the opposition's block and

then using your attacking midfielder to

get control inside the last strength

above this formation is the ability to

move smoothly between positions for many

players so while attacking you would

attack with up to four five six and even

seven players the attacking midfielder

would join one fullback or the two of

them and the box-to-box midfielder all

of those players can move forward and

get back to position smoothly to provide

the attacking support the same thing

happens during the defensive phase you

can ask the wingers to

backwards and all the midfield line if

needed you can quickly switch to the

four five one or four four one one

during the defensive face and quickly

return to the 43 after we got the ball

back now moving to the weaknesses of

this formation the main weakness of this

formation will appear if your midfield

lacks quality so if any of your three

midfielders lack ball control abilities

under pressure your side will

immediately lose control of the game the

main point of the three-man midfield is

to play quick short passes to get the

ball forward and then the attacking

midfielder or the box-to-box midfielder

will play the final touch to the forward

line now if one of your midfielders

loses position the counter-attack could

be very dangerous

another disadvantage of this formation

would appear if you don't assign special

instructions to the defensive midfielder

while applying high pressure so while

your team is applying high pressure in

numbers a defensive midfielder must stay


to get the second balls as you will

force the opposition to play a long wall

to get rid of this high pressure if you

did not intercept it as early as

possible your defensive midfielder

should get the second pot or work on

slowing the attack down also if you

don't assign defensive responsibilities

to the midfielders your full backs will

always be outnumbered if your ringers

don't provide the support needed you

will face a lot of trouble you need to

ask the midfielders to cover the full

backs if you want your wingers to step


another disadvantage of this formation

is an attacking issue if you are

depending on an attacking midfielder and

he lacks quality this formation would be

really useless the 4:3 would stay out of

the match for the whole game as they

won't be able to get any good passes

also this formation requires a lot of

stamina so for example if you shift it

to the four five one during the last

minutes of a match your Wranglers might

not be able to go back to positions

quickly to perform a counter-attack

because of this stamina issue so you

need to keep that in mind also if your

players are somehow scared to attack and

push forward you will find difficulties

to attack efficiently with the Fonzi

only you need to ask your fullbacks to

do overlaps and under laps you also need

to ask your attacking midfielder to

provide the support needed and the

box-to-box midfielder provide shots from

outside the box if needed so I hope this

video was helpful if you have any

questions please leave them in the

comment section down below thanks for