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The 4-2-3-1 Formation / Strengths And Weaknesses / Football Basics Explained

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hello guys and welcome back to a new

video on my channel this is actually a

new series as you guys want to know the

strengths and weaknesses of the

formations so I chose to start with a

4-2-3-1 but the next video will be your

choice anyway in this video I'll explain

the type of players you need to

perfectly apply this formation and then

I'll discuss its strengths and

weaknesses throughout the video you will

be watching some examples from

Liverpool's match against Arsenal

Liverpool use the for tooth information

on 1 v 1 now let's get right into it so

as you can see the 4-2-3-1 consists of 4


2 defensive midfielders 3 attacking

midfielders and dissolve striker but why

do managers use this formation

well the 4-2-3-1 is one of the most

sponsored formations it could be whether

the manager wants to play defensively

and the print of counter-attacks

all he wants to play attacking football

and win midfield battles so what type of

curves does the manager need to apply

this information nothing too special

about the goalkeeper and the defenders

generally having two different types of

centre backs is always good what I mean

here is having for example a defender

who can carry the ball out under

pressure and another one who can play

accurate long balls the same thing goes

for the full-backs one who attacks more

often performing many under left and

overlaps and the other one who would be

more of a defender and starts at the

back but anyway for this 4-2-3-1 any

kind of defenders will do the job

moving to the midfield you need to have

a central defensive midfielder who is

responsible to connect the defensive and

midfield lines we must be able to pass

accurate balls under pressure and he

must find spaces in the midfield to be

able to counter any kind of man marking

on high pressure from the opposition the

other midfielder should be a box-to-box


this player must be able to carry the

ball from the defence the attack

playing as a box-to-box midfielder

requires a lot of stamina and high walk

rate as this player helps the team

defensively as well as offensively with

shots from outside the box when needed

moving to the three players in the

attacking midfield positions we need to

have two English who play white but they

must be given some defensive roles too

then you need to have a playmaker and

the striker so now that you know the

type of players you need to apply this

formation you need to keep in mind that

the lack of quality of your midfield

will result in losing the main goal of

applying this formation which is being

tactically strong offensively and

defensively what I mean here is if you

play with two holding midfielders your

team will not be able to move the ball

forward on the ground which will then

force the playmaker to drop down to get

the ball which will switch the shape to

a 43 so you will lose the strength of

this formation another weakness is

actually an on the pitch positioning

issue for example when both midfielders

are positioned on the same line during

the match the opposition easily breaks

the organization by one through pass

behind them the same thing goes with the

attacking midfielders it's always better

to have one wide winger and the other

one who plays close to the playmaker it

allows the playmaker to move forward

alongside the winger by plank one two

passes and through bolts or switching

the plate with the other window when

playing with the same line new team

lacks the variations in the attack now

let's talk about the strengths of this

formation as I said in the beginning of

the video this formation is one of the

most balanced formations in hit book but

what makes it so having the ability to

attack with four players in all attacks

which becomes five players when the

box-to-box midfielder joining while on

the other hand defend with six players

in all scenarios which becomes eight

players when the window is going to help

the foot box this is the main strength

of this formation another thing about

this formation is that it allows the

team to perform quick transitions and

very good country tax whenever you have

to set the ball back you will find three

players upfront on each side of the

pitch to even get any clearances if the

ball was not passed accurately so to

summarize this the 4-2-3-1 gives the

manager full options while attacking as

well as

options were defended the managers also

use it to avoid switching formations

in-game for example if a manager wants

to win a game 1 L he would start with an

attacking formation until he scores then

switched a defensive formation which

will cost him positional substitutions

using this formation will allow the

manager to attack with up to 5 or 6

players and then defend with eight or

even nine players at the end you can

vote from the poll in the top right

corner of your screen for the next video

which team will act watch using this

formation comment below thanks watch