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The 39 clues trading card game

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okay today I have a game called 39 clues

is you can go to the 39 clues calm and

basically I don't know if it's a

collectible trading card game or what

but uh because what some of the cards

look like they're called Kylie's versus

whispers was 2011 Scholastic I got a

different car colors like and then on

the back of these we have various things

like spy camera gadget a Vesper watch

gadget secret the enemy is watching they

got even numbers on here secret Atticus

Rosenberg secret detective Carlini so we

got um these silverback quartz green mix

orange bags black bags red bags and blue

bag cards and then we have some cards

that have stuff on both sides so all the

different bags cards we got bonus card

replicator card replicator bonus money

bonus money and each has these little

codes on the bottom so I'm not sure that

it's all about bonus prestige card

replicator secret Rowlett Rhett

Raleigh's map location Malibu put you

Baku agent loose cannon secret private

Natalie secret execution order secret

bead ciphers secret Alcatraz lighthouse

secret the flying lemur secret that

golden fleece secret yes

Jack is zu tattoo secret Isabella charms

paging the backstabber secret stone

later y'all compose these and look at

the pictures better if you want to

location Moscow stronghold location

Tower of London locations and

surveillance surveillance secret to

fallen agent location area 51 location

that Amber Room secret magic box secret

email code secret Esther Allen

stronghold secret bikes Last Chance

secret alter talent secret great wool

Amy agent the long shot secret teams two

and five secret teams one and six secret

Nellie's LA secret stealth plane secret

Erin hearts notes secret x-ray location

city spies agent a double-crosser secret

the missing element secret Mad King Lynn

wing the secret of living conspiracy

location the sabotage lab secret police

report secret to my entry secret halo

secret the hypnotists location cern

secret rocket board page at the wild

card secret marina trench location lost

ringa familia secret portugal airspace

secret lock box secret everest rescue

location hollywood hideout location

south pole secret air and artic bling

secret the book code location secrets of

Boudicca pissed and location is the

charge oh so that's those the 39 clues


then we have these cards like I said

that have duh


she'll fall back of deviled eggs we get

a founder of on Holt founder

flying ace agent Amy qahal location

Monument Valley location Rico mansion

agent Lin newgen agent Lila trinova a

secret Bermuda Triangle secrets

Samer saladin pagent all-star Oh secret

hope diamond secret Grace's passport

founder one baptise traveler founder

Changsha agent pole Edison secret

Grace's guide book secret Succot founder

David Livingston mr. dr. Livingstone I

presume secret navigation since agent


sparse key agent jonah wizard agent

Leslie D meal location this schwinn

castle agent Hamilton Holt secret

Kremlin surveillance founder Tom and

Bolivar secret Anastasia

agent sombrero all-star agent Yasmine

bald wanna founder Nikola Tesla founder

arañas Barsky

location a nook Kurata COO a secret

lockup agent

Regina Holt founder Thomas Ga'Hoole

agent Ellison Howard Holt founder Shaka

Zulu location prison number four agent

Sophie what sein founder Emperor

Maximilian agent lollipop Jonah secret

not almonds founder George Maloney agent

teredor Kosovo a page in Andres Shore

truly agent powering table agent

medicine Holt founder Sir John Franklin

agent demand and grey location of you

muta stronghold founder and Bonnie agent

Jonah lab agent The Last Chance watch

list agent

Vikram chimera founder Winston Churchill

so that's that's it all that's the 39

clues game trading card game maybe

online game maybe I'm not sure exactly I

think it's based off of a book maybe TV

show TV show and book maybe series or

something like that called the 39 clues

it's like kids or young adults or

whatever a type show remember that god

is good all the time all the time god is

good he's thus loves you Jesus God Jesus


Lord of everything and the clue to

heaven is Jesus Christ accepting him as

your Lord and Savior of your life and

repenting of your sins and asking him

for forgiveness of your sins that is the

clue to the way to heaven they closed

the door the key is an only ray the

heaven Jesus Christ remember to Like

comment subscribe and share keep on

gaming keep on collecting and I hope you

enjoyed the video about the 39 clues

trading card game I think so have a

great day everybody guys and girls and

stay mysterious and find all 39 clues so

I don't know