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How To Play 31 (Card Game)

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hello and welcome to how to play 31

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this video will cover how to play the

card game 31 the video will start with

the general concepts and gameplay and

then get into more of the details for

the game the video will conclude with an

example round the game can be played

with two or more players 31 is played

with a standard 52-card deck each player

is dealt three cards one card at a time

the remaining deck is placed into the

middle and the top card is flipped up to

start the discard pile the object of the

game is to get the value of the cards in

your hand closer to 31 than at least one

other player the player furthest from 31

when the round ends loses a life each

player will start with three lives they

are represented with chips in this

example the Aces are worth eleven the

face cards are worth ten the twos

through the tens are worth face value

card values can only be added together

if the cards are of the same suit for

example the ace king and queen of the

same suit have a value of 31 if one card

has a different suit only the two cards

with the same suit are added together

this hand would have a value of 21 if

every card in the hand has a different

suit the highest-valued card is the

value of the hand this hand has a value

of 11 for the ace a hand with three of a

kind in any card rank has a value of 30

going back to the hand that was dealt

earlier I have flipped up each player's

cards for you to see in an actual game

you will keep your cards hidden from the

other players the player left of the

dealer is first to play he can choose

the top card from the deck or the top

card of the discard pile once a card is

drawn a discard is placed on top of the

discard pile play moves clockwise to

player 3 who draws the 10 of spades and

discards it play continues with players

trying to improve the value of their

cards skipping ahead when a player is

comfortable with the value of his hand

he can knock when knocking a player does

not draw a card player 2 has a hand

value of 24 and instead of taking

another turn he decides to knock

after a knock the other players get one

more turn to draw a cart after the last

player has played everyone's cards are

shown the player with the lowest hand

value loses a life player 3 has the

lowest value of cards with an 18 and

loses a life if a player has a hand

value of 31 the cards are immediately

shown and every other player loses a

life if a player that knocks ends up

with the lowest hand value he loses two


if the player that knocks and another

player tie for the lowest hand value

only the player that did not knock loses

a life as he had another turn to improve

his hand if two or more players that did

not knock tie for the lowest hand value

both players lose a life after a player

loses a third life the player is still

in the game once a player loses a life

with no chips left that player is out of

the game the winner of the game is the

last player still alive the round begins

with each player being dealt three cards

one card at a time

the remaining deck is placed in the

middle and the discard pile is started

player 2 is first to play and takes the

King of Hearts player 2 discards the 4

of diamonds play moves to player 3 who

draws the six of Hearts from the deck

and discards it player four will take

the six of Hearts and discards the Jack

of Clubs play moves to player one who

will take the Jack of Clubs and discards

the five of Hearts player two goes next

by taking the five of Hearts and

discards the six of spades player three

draws the seven of diamonds from the

deck and decides to keep it giving up

his ten of Hearts player four takes the

ten of Hearts and improves his hand by

seven player one draws for his next card

and discards the three of diamonds

player two has a hand value of 25 and

decides to knock instead of drawing each

player now gets one more turn player

three draws the nine of Spades and

discards it player four draws the four

of Spades and discards it player one

draws the three of spades and discards

it the players show their hands and

player one loses a life with the lowest

valued hand of fifteen the deal now

moves to player two that wraps up how to

play 31 thanks for watching