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MY FIRST GAME in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2V2 ALPHA)

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all right so what's up guys and welcome

to the first official gameplay of modern

warfare 3 to alpha game-mode this is not

a drill

the Alpha whatever you want to call it

is officially live they released it

earlier we're supposed to launch

tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time and

they just released it and put up the

servers in this video we're gonna be

experiencing our first game on this

alpha and then I'm gonna be covering

other stuff along the way as a day goes

by if you guys are excited for the

modern warfare helpful make sure you

guys like button cuz it's going down

alright I'm actually hearing a lot of

great things from players all across

Twitter and I'm super super excited I'm

super excited for the feedback people

are saying it's amazing and here we go

so we have content overview open beta

here's what's ready to play Modern

Warfare's ready for you to jump into

them play here's what's available to

beat a multiplayer match goes on to the

first thing to win six wins the maps etc

etc so we're gonna go ahead and we are

going to play our first match as you can

see everything is locked except for

pre-ordering it and all that stuff we

have planned tagged these are all the

calling cards

wooof SiC I don't smoke weed but that

one looks cool I don't know why I'm

putting that man these emblems are nice

very nice for now fights got a lot of

stuff I'm telling you right now I don't

think this is everything that we're

gonna get I could be wrong I just don't

think this is everything that we're

gonna get I'm obviously gonna be getting

paired with randoms so it is what it is

I'm just excited to be able to play the

game we're gonna be playing on the map

that we've seen over and over again but

I'm excited I just hope it's not a

handicap match I need myself a teammate

some of my friends don't even have the

game downloaded yet because it just went

live and it's a 36 gig update and it's a

pretty huge game download file for

whatever reason it's an alpha but it's

huge and that's why I think we may be

getting things that we are not aware of

just the same way we got surprised that

these servers going up this is what I

think it's gonna happen over the weekend

we may get some surprises dude I'm

excited yo I'll [ __ ] it excited I'm

probably gonna get my ass kicked

I should have practice more Call of Duty

I should have played more leading up to

this release

I promise you over the weekend I'm gonna

no life the living crap out of this game

it's just no way around it lost

connection that's great

alright so we're gonna try this again

the alpha just so you guys have an idea

the Alpha went live at around 2:30 or so

it is currently 6:45 and I am now

starting to see some progress with these

servers I was getting a bunch of just

errors and not being able to connect but

of course that's just because they're

rolling out the server stress testing

and all that stuff so I'm not no not

blaming them I mean you know a bunch of

people just caught on all at the same

time so it's expected now ok here we go

this is another really good map one of

my favorite maps just because it's so

it's so clear and easy to see so who

we're going against okay we're gonna

against a clan or a team we got dude

over there dude over there I think I'm

gonna go I think I'm gonna go top middle

just be low let's go damn I hate the

piss I mean I don't hate put in this

mode you have 200 health so you have to

shoot a lot more than in a regular mode

because that's one thing you gotta

remember this mode in particular is 200

health as opposed to like what's regular

which I believe is 100 I'm not too sure

right now

happiness don't fight freaking help yo

that's freaking oh my god

I'm so happy to get rid of those freakin

pistols y'all let's go the aughh let's

hit them with the auger I got one got

the other one

oh my goodness damn they're playing

really well because they're playing to

the point where they're flanking one

side of that the other side I mean this

guy right here like he was

so we're pretty much sandwiching the

middle fortunately for me my reflexes

and hand-eye coordination worked out

just fine you got oh that's him it's

doing work he's above Adam you're we

going flies for enough seven I know

let's go home not too bad not to drink

it back the wall bank got to thank the

wall bang alright sniper to see if we've

got a nice little snipe see if I can

redeem myself here

I knew who's gonna pull out the AR you

don't go for the flag he didn't go for

the flag I wanted to use the sniper but

to be honest I don't want to play stupid

I have a 18 Oh run right now I'm trying

to go flawless there we go last one he's

gonna get me you got me

damn he freakin got me did I'm not go

with the snipers in this game

but overall still a pretty freakin good

run here we go oh oh oh did it

suppressed oh man this is nice

what's the secondary things up here oh

let's go baby

I had the same shot I don't even know

that wow that was a really good game for

being my first team that was I'm not

even gonna complain I know the sniper I

could have probably done better with the

sniper but a 10 and 1 game is not too

bad man I am gonna be I swear I ain't

gonna be no lively the crap out of this

game this weekend I'm even gonna try and

possibly do a live stream like a really

chilled live shoot with a couple of

buddies you know and just go live and

play the game there the people were

going up against when 2 & 3 my teammate

only got one kill so I guess I carried

I'm happy with that performance thank

you so much for watching I truly hope

you enjoyed the video if you did please

leave it a like and my game just crashed

anyways if you have played this game so

far let me know how you're liking it if

you haven't played it let me know if

you're planning on playing it and are

you gonna be grinding modern warfare

once it releases if you one more modern

warfare videos make sure you guys leave

a like on it I'm gonna try my best to be

pumping out videos on this I know it's

not so much content that we can post

because it's only one mode and the mode

literally is so limited to a certain

amount of things you can do but

nonetheless I'm excited and it's gonna

be fun it's gonna be a great weekend and

I'm most likely again I'm gonna be

live-streaming again thank you so much

for tuning in and uh as always I'll

catch you guys on the neck