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I was hot bus enough to me chilling at

the king that's the trap with that

babysit you supposed before we get into

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mountain Joe I'm be showing y'all how to

play 2k the to catch we need them or

limit amount of times now look I'm sure

this ring right here this just proof

that this worthless and y'all know I

don't know I'm coming with this stuff

man I'm gonna go to continue now watch

we won't stay on the spring and y'all

see it buddy getting a scream right so

just wanna do one a Playstation my first

thing you want to do is closed out after

you closed out go to settings or the

application save data management and go

to data and the system storage in online

but I'm only gonna show one but you go

to both for them to go to delete the

demo select all the lead but okay now

the next thing you want to do is go to

account management and sign out now when

you sign out this is a very important

the profile that you use and had to be

set as primary for your ps4 so if you

haven't done it already before you sign

out click on activate its primary ps4

and then you sign up remember you've

gotta be primary you gotta your account

gotta be the primary peaceful if not all

your games going out a lot next to him

you know I'm saying so you ain't gonna

bet ur angle better open app now as you

signed out you won't open it out

I know wants to get to that screen right

though you gonna click sign in

I ask that you sign in fantasy right now

look you show y'all i'ma go ahead fast

for the whole LD and all that imma gonna

speed it up and get back to y'all now


chakra see man y'all had a thing comes

my mic man y'all see a word man so if

this if this helped y'all let me like in

the comments a boy on the mouth