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How to Play the 24 Math Game

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all right we're going to learn how to

play the twenty-four math game let's

start with some basics the first thing

that you need to know is that you use

each of the numbers on the cards only

one time the final solution is always

going to be 24 whatever numbers you have

make sure that the answer ends up with

the magical number of 24 and then you

can add subtract multiply or divide to

get to 24 that's pretty simple

directions let's see how it actually

works here is a 24 card we have the

numbers 6 3 5 & 3 you are trying to use

all four numbers one time in order to

get the answer of 24 you can pause the

can the camp the video if you want and

try to figure it out but let me go ahead

and share with you one solution often

the cards have more than one solution

but here's one solution I could take 5

times 3 to make 15 then I can use this 6

and the 3 6 plus 3 equals 9 and finally

I take those 2 numbers that I already

have 15 plus 9 and I get 24 I've used

all numbers this time I only used

multiply and add but I got the solution

for 24 let's try again with another card

this time we have 6 7 4 & 2

so give yourself a moment to think about

it pause it if you would like alright

here is one solution I can take the 7

and multiply it by 4 to get 28 then I

can use the 6 minus 2 to get 4 then I

take those two numbers that I already

got 28 minus 4 equals 24 used all the

numbers this times I use multiply and

subtract and I ended up with 24 and I'd

have noticed on the cards that there

were some dots in the corner and you

might have wondered what in the world

did those dots mean

well those dots help you know the

difficulty of the card in this first

card you can see that there's one dot up

in the corner and those are the easiest

ones that means that probably there are

lots of different ways that you could

solve that card this one that's a little

bit hard to see but it has to

a red dots those are the medium

difficulty and then finally these are

the with the three dots are the hardest

and you get more points for solving a

hard one oftentimes these hard ones will

have maybe only one solution or they

might need dividing you might have also

noticed that there were some numbers

that were colored in if you see a six

like this that is not colored in that is

a six whenever you see that digit with

the red circle colored in that means it

is a nine now you might be thinking yeah

that sounds great but how in the world

am I ever going to figure out how to do

this game well here's the best strategy

if you will look for factors of 24 to

cover it will really help you and the

factors of 24 are numbers that you can

multiply together to get 24 as the

answer so here are the fact that pairs

of factors of 24 1 times 24 2 times 12

is 24 3 times 8 is 24 and 4 times 6 is

24 any master of the 24 game will have

these four pairs memorized so then if

you take a card like this and you try to

find one of the factors of 24 you can

then cover it up so let's get rid of

these guys for a second and let's cover

up the 3 and then remember that if we

have a 3 and we can get these three

numbers to make 8 then we can make our

last step be 3 times 8 is 24 so I'm just

covering up the 3 and seeing can I make

8 with these numbers I think I can I can

do 4 minus 2 is 2 and then 2 plus 6 is 8

and then that 6 times the 3 I already

had is 24 so using that stress that

strategy definitely helped let's try a

few on your own and each of these as you

do it with your turn each of these you

can actually use my strategy here's the

first one and in between each one feel

free to pause it as we go to think about


okay so I found an eight and if I can

make three out of these then I can do 8

times 3 is 24

oh that works here is one solution 8

minus 6 is 2 2 plus 1 is 3 8 times the 3

I just made is 24 let's try another one

pause it if you would like to time to

figure it out alright I see one factor

of 24 which is 2 so if you cover up the

two you can try to make 12 because 2

times 12 is 24 oh I think I figured it


here we go let's add the 7 plus the 3 to

make 10 10 plus 2 is 12 and then 12

times 2 is 24 the strategy worked again

I love it

and finally on a 3 dot the strategy will

still work for this one all right I see

4 that is one factor of 24 so if you

cover up the 4

what should we try to make that's right

it's 6 so we can do it we will do 6

minus 4 is 2 then the 8 minus that -

that you just made is 6 and then 6 times

4 is 24

you got it keep practicing use the

strategy and you too will become a

master of the 24 game