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how to play 21 card game

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something my doing thank you for taking

hey guys welcome to a new series called

this setup this setup is explaining how

to set up card on games for example 21

bronies and all those difficult card

games that parents have time or

confusing times to send love for their

kids who want to play with other friends

so today I'm gonna be showing you how to

set up a more so each player needs 26

cards points okay well each a player has

26 cards it says shuffle them up because

it's already mixed up enough they're

going to flip one card over which is 8

which is a 1 or is any card any number

and I flip over a 7

the aces go to win of course then he

flipped over the card I thought over car

speed wins so it's the same process over

and over again going like this oh he's

doing really good so even if you have an

ace like just say you put down let's do

this so I had they had an ace in their

hand and I had a Jack and H will always

outrun the jack or it will always out

beat the jack so they had a 10 I had a

fork so by now they have most of the

cards they have most of their cards of

their and Hambleton my card so they keep

their sec over here while I get my snack

on this opposite side those on the board

let's come on going like this you guys

can chat with like however you want now

look at that they put down and diamonds

that we're done in our hearts to which I

went so now they keep on doing this

process over and over again now they win

they wouldn't Oh

I know okay

now this process is pretty fun so it

will go back and forth back and forth

like this until one opponent wins or is

it it's the one who runs out of cards

first or has the most cards so yeah

that's how you guys play it because just

say I run out of cars and the opponent

has the most cards

it's its little birthday huh looks like

I had the most card so you lose I hope

they don't say that

but that's kind of like a route saying

so I hope I see you guys next time for

the series called the setup what on me

dad gotta go catch a plane daddy with

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daddy's writing the song and soon angle

write it self-taught give you one on the

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turn right around